If you are visiting a friend, colleague, co-worker or relative who is pregnant you may need to think twice before you pick up a gift for her. In case if she is approaching her 30th birthday along with pregnancy, you need to look for 30th birthday gift ideas for her as well. Or else, you can check the mother’s day gift ideas for inspiration.

Pregnant women cannot use every day items or consume food that we would, as they need certain special diets to keep them and their little baby still within them in good health and well nourished. There are many things that they may need to avoid like different types of drinks, face creams, make up may be even coffee and tea, which you may not know what her doctor has ordered after examining her condition, which is done quite regularly especially when the date of delivery draws closer.

It could be difficult for you to think of all the relevant factors and decide precisely what you could buy for her hence we have analyzed the difficulties most who visit pregnant women encounter and find the following appropriate.

We have picked up some items that you could pick up which could be appropriate under the circumstances and which she could happily use.

1) LeachcoSnoogle total body pillow

A body pillow like none other where a pregnant mother can rest her body with the bump safely supported and make herself really comfortable and have a good night’s sleep.
This is a great gift and would be something the mother to be would cherish and thank you for the thoughtfulness shwn by you, which could be used even when she is nursing her new baby.

2) What to eat when pregnant

A comprehensive and well compiled book giving the A to Z of what a pregnant mother to be can select to eat and some great recipes that she could try out even in her delicate condition.

They crave for food but all that is spread out may not be the ideal stuff she could eat but these guiding pages would really tell her what is good for her and how to get about making them.

It provides a weekly guide and hence would be an updated version of what healthy food to eat at every stage of her pregnancy, which would one of the best gifts you could pick up.

3) A keep safe, pregnancy journal

A day will come when this journal could be the most treasured item in a heirloom and valuable too, where every event and every memory could be written and recorded for posterity.

This is an ideal gift to give any pregnant woman as she would love to write how her pregnancy is progressing and what happens thereafter even when her little one is growing.

4) Conair foot spa

Placing her feet with vibration and warmth would give the mother to be such soothing relaxation as it is the feet of a pregnant woman that aches and pains during the time she is carrying her baby who would be growing every day within her.

5) Sonogram frame

A classy photo frame to keep the most memorable event in a baby’s life, the first picture of the fetus taken from the world outside. She would absolutely love to receive this kind of a gift as well.

6) Gift cards

If you don’t want to go ahead with a specific gift, you can simply give a gift car to the pregnant lady you know. But before you give the gift card, it would be good to have a basic understanding about her preferences as well. Then you will be able to purchase an appropriate gift card and give to her. But if you aren’t aware of her preferences, you don’t need to worry about anything because you can ask her to decide.

7) Belly lotion

Stretch marks can be considered as one of the biggest concerns faced by pregnant ladies out there in the world. If you want to help a lady you know to get rid of these frustrating stretch marks, you can think about giving a belly lotion as a gift. The belly lotions that you can purchase from the market are in a position to eliminate stretch marks in an effective manner.

8) Crib

If affordable, this would be one of the greatest gift ideas available for you to give to a pregnant woman you know. However, you need to keep in mind that you will have to spend a considerable amount of money to purchase a high quality crib from the market. This gift will assist you to show your appreciation towards the pregnant lady that you know as well. In addition, it will assist you to showcase that you are a thoughtful person.

9) Baby name book

This is a useful book that can be purchased from the market at an affordable price tag. Hence, any person who is looking to purchase a gift for a pregnant lady at a night budget can go ahead and buy the baby name book. It is also possible for you to find ebooks as well as hard cover books. You need to go for the best option out of them based on your preferences.

10) Car seat

Last but not least, you can think about providing a car seat as a gift. If you are a husband, this may sound like a lame gift. However, it can be considered as one of the most useful gifts that are available for you to give to a pregnant woman you know.

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