Can you tell the difference between a person who is being selfish or mean on purpose and someone who can’t seem to see or help their own behavior? The one-upping, boasting, reporting over-inflated achievements or constant put downs can be socially immature personalities at play. More often it is a signal that a person is suffering from NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
The key difference is in the level of anxiety that person is experiencing while acting out specific behaviors.

A plain old bully or simply self-centered person will have an awareness they are dominating the conversation or hurting other people’s feelings but will also have a degree of apathy about it. The person suffering from NPD, on the other hand, feels deep insecurity and will have high anxiety levels about how he is being perceived by others and is desperate to feel accepted. The narcissist’s attempts almost always backfire. Unfortunately, with NPD, the behaviors that the narcissistic personality thinks will meet his ego needs are the very things that push people away or alienate them. That’s the tricky part about NPD. Narcissistic Personality Disorder has its own set of traits that are persistent but below the NPD sufferer’s awareness.

There is good news however. Because NPD is relatively easy to diagnose there are behavioral remedies a person with NPD can adopt to address the underlying causes of his narcissism. This includes the people who have to interact with the narcissist or are the targets of NPD rage or manipulation: the co-dependent. Co-dependents are considered the source or ‘supply’ that fuels NPD behaviors and keeps the pattern alive.

It takes a lot of patience and devotion to put in the work that must be done in order to change the dynamics of a relationship impacted by NPD, but there are tried and true exercises and behavioral therapies that are just as effective, maybe even more so, than traditional and expensive marital or family counseling that couples can put into practice right away, with little to no cost.

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