There are many organizations which are now successful because of the proper human resource planning as proper human resource planning paves the path for the future of the organisation. Any organisation can be considered to be standing on the four pliers and these are finance, Marketing, Operations and Human Resource. Role of any human resource department is to give any such organisation a growth in terms of employee’s status and value. Today many human resource executives use modern approaches and theories in order to investigate the over all status of human assets any organisation may have.

Any human resource planning may include one or more of the following points like hiring best fitted human resource with the minimum possible costs, education of current human resource for the increase outputs, development of the HR strategy for the proper organisation functioning. Objective of human resource planning is to provide smooth functioning to organizations in a long run or to optimize current and future human resource for better out puts. Any good HR strategy includes human resource development practices as well.

There are many activities any HR executive can approach in order to make a effective HR strategy which normally starts with the investigation level and various types of staff surveys are done to know the exact and accurate information on the current HR status in any organisation. Staff surveys are often done in the form of questionnaire containing both open ended and close ended questions. Often the identity of respondents kept undisclosed so that employees can express their opinions without any fear of being highlighted in the organisation and the biggest advantage of such staff surveys is that people speak what they feel because of these staff surveys exact and accurate information can be gathered.

Various questions like employees views on current work culture and administrative issues can be asked in these surveys. These surveys are also helpful to investigate on the current employees relations as well and based on the information gathered about the current HR status and employees relations an effective HR strategy can be developed as a part of human resource planning. In many labor intensive industries it is quite important to manage good employees relations as any small dispute can be turn into a big issue there.

Any human resource planning has mainly four basic phase’s investigation, analysis, formulation, implementation and monitoring. In the investigation phase several problems and bottle necks get identified with the help of staff surveys and other Human resource tools. In this phase several bench marks and milestones get set and based on the comparison from the current status a report is often prepared. In the analysis phase many types of group discussion and other activities happen in order to analyse the date and to reach on a possible best solution often opinion from different departments is taken in order to make process real effective. After proper analysis different HR strategies and benchmarks gets formulated in order to make the process of whole department flawless and smooth. Then in implementation and monitoring phases all the formulated rules and standards are bring into force and HR team closely monitors about the effectiveness of such rules and parameters. There can be other few steps also and it depends upon the type of organisation and the type of HR strategy as well.

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