Couponing is a big deal, especially for those who do it on a regular basis. You can see people on TV using coupons for every single piece of product that they buy in the grocery. Sometimes, they even get free money (refund) from using all the coupons!

If you’re someone who hasn’t explored the world of couponing but are curious to know more about it, here’s a short guide to help you figure out the real money-saving power of coupons.

How Do You Use Coupons?

Before the age of the internet, coupons can only be found in magazines and newspapers. These small pieces of cut-out paper simply need to be presented to the cashier when you pay for your purchases. The coupon must match the exact product that you’re buying as well as the stated quantity, or else the coupon will not be usable.

Now that online shopping has become popular, couponing has opened its doors to a whole new way of saving money. Instead of taking cut-out coupons and presenting them to the cashier, all you need to do is get a coupon code and type it in code box when you check out of the online shop. The discount will automatically apply if the coupon code is valid.

How Much Can You Save from Using Coupons?

For bulk products, the savings are usually much bigger as compared to single unit items. Some coupons use percentage to determine savings (10% off), while others use a fixed amount ($1.00 off). The savings depend on the actual price of the product and the new price after the coupon has been used. For many couponing experts, they only end up paying less than 50% of their entire bill. That’s definitely huge savings which you can’t get from any other form of promotion.

Are Online Coupon Clippings Legitimate?

Coupon clipping services do the hard work of finding and cutting out coupons in magazines and newspapers. They then sell the coupons for minimal prices, usually $0.10 or less apiece. Bulk coupons are cheaper, but sometimes you might not like what’s in the bundle.

Most of the products that are featured in these coupon clippings are fresh produce, so you can buy these online coupons if you like to buy and cook fresh food. Some coupons can be used for basic necessities such as toiletries, personal care products, apparel, and personal accessories.

Online Shopping Coupons

In many online shopping sites, you can find coupon code boxes where you simply enter a few characters to get a discount or promotion. Most of these online shopping coupons are made for big companies like Target, Walmart, and even clothing stores like GAP and Old Navy. These coupon codes may offer discounts, free shipping for specific purchase amounts, and freebies for your next purchases.

Not all online coupon codes work, though. You have to try the code first and see if the total amount payable gets adjusted based on the coupon deal. If it remains the same or if the coupon is not identified by the site, you can look for another coupon to use.


Coupons are quite powerful when it comes to money-saving. The key is finding out how to make coupons work for you, and identifying the best deals and products based on your lifestyle. Only use coupons for products that you really need so that you won’t end up overspending or buying something useless.

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