87% of buyers in recent times have purchased their home by getting services from a real estate agent with 68% of them contacting them from a mobile app. The real estate mobile app is not reserved for the tech-savvy only as anyone does find most of them easy to browse to find listings. It was difficult for those venturing to buy homes and offices in communicating with agents previously, and many had to travel long for getting a deal done.

Realtors now believe technology can come to their aid in growing real estate business. With portals geared to real estate searches, agents now have to register with leading brokerage portals for business. With the increase in mobile searching activity, the business growth has quadrupled for many, and mobile searches are projected to overtake all other web searches.

Deconstructing a real estate mobile app

App developers in India develop realtor mobile applications to promote listings, to show clients GPS directions, send quick notifications on property prices and availability, and much more.

Startups in the real estate industry have communicated through real estate brokers, and also funded some apps that extend marketing capability and expand their own offerings services into more cities.

Brokers can stay relevant in an industry where large format broking firms have posed constant threats to small brokers. The apps give voice to the consumer too.

The surge of real estate marketplaces with third-party funding has increased with thousands of commercial and residential listings.

Target Users and Drive Real Estate Sales

Mobile new home shoppers provide a rich source of qualified leads for realtors since property-buyers tend to research on the move.
Most of the research is done at home and not at work.

Here is how one can target property buyers and drive sales by real estate professionals:

Be Accessible Online

Most buyers want to get the work done instantly as they constantly look out for avenues to search for homes quickly, without hassles. Some stats reveal 120% growth in real estate-related searches through mobile devices. Consumers also respond to visual media more than written information and hence video listings are getting popular by the day and known to attract four times the visitors too.

Increase the User-base

One should enable search process for online properties and narrow the search parameters within specific locality too. One can beat the real estate competition by having a visually appealing mobile application.

Stay Organized

Real estate agents have several real estate listings online, and hence many of them clamor for mobile app developers to create a well-organized mobile application. The app enables clients to filter results based on their preferred parameters too. Realtors can then update client preferences and even keep cloud backups, managing listings & leads in the process while retaining a competitive edge.

Responsive Sites or Real Estate Apps

A responsive website is compatible with all types of devices. Responsive websites are ideal for high Google rankings, but not for real estate companies. Since most sites with details entail a bad user experience. A real estate mobile app, on the other hand, can be developed with a systematic placement of information.

With an ideal mobile app, real estate agents can let their prospective clients search information comprehensively.

Developing an ideal mobile app for real estate industry

Several cluttered buttons for users at a time can boost difficulty. Ensure the app has 6-7 buttons for Calling, Social Sharing, Property Search, and even the latest highlights.

The app should connect with GPS so that one can maintain records of addresses. Real estate companies and professionals can even track license expiration, its status and the like. With several mobile app developers building real-estate apps, one can create several worthy apps enabling buyers to search property without restrictions. One can even add additional features of reports creation of leads or combine one of more agents based on certain localities for business growth. Users can be given the option to contact in more ways than one.

One can invest real estate mobile app development partnering with mobile app developers and companies who are well versed with the process and domains. If you are thinking of creating a strong communication channel, rely on an experienced team of real estate app developers, who develop apps that your visitors would prefer to scour through in the mobile device.

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Juned Ghanchi is head of marketing and proud co-founder of IndianAppDevelopers.com, a Mobile app development company whose experienced and skilled team of app developers helps businesses to build relevant, meaningful, and customizable world-class mobile application.