The hair transplant procedure performed either by the FUT technique or through the FUE takes the same time to regrow into the recipient bald areas of the scalp. Usually, the procedure is recommended to perform by the FUT hair transplant as it gives the best outcomes in terms of sustainability and the quality of hair roots. The procedure has a key role in achieving the natural roots back and one can ultimately sure about the results as it is the only methods that give the permanent hair roots that remain forever on the scalp.

The hair transplant results month-by-month can show you the improvement of the transplanted hair growth and every month is taken into consideration while observing the re-growth of hair.

In this article, we are describing in detail about the re-growth of Transplanted Hair are as follows: -

After 1 Month:
The transplanted hair started to grow all over the scalp where is it implanted via the procedure. After one month of the procedure, the growth of hair is visible with one inch. One can easily find out that how the growth of hair taken place and how it takes the time and growth in order to show the natural outcome of the procedure.

After 3 Months of the Procedure:
After 3 months of the hair transplant procedure, one can find that 30% of hair sprouted, but it’s too soon to declare the results of hair transplant within the three months as the transplanted hair firstly, shed off in these months and gets the transformation period in order to facilitate the regrowth of hair.

The hair shedding is an inevitable part of the hair transplant procedure that started within the after a few weeks of the procedure and continued for up to 6 weeks of the procedure take. Actually, the grafts are stripped off from its blood supply and response to this insult, the initial growth of hair followed by the shedding that continued for the next one and half months. Actually, it is the transformation phase of the hair growth as the regrowth occurs again because the roots remain intact into the scalp.

After 6 Months of the Procedure:
Although the graft’s growth is varying to the patient to patient, almost 50 % of hair takes the visible growth in this period. The majority of the patients have fair growth within the 6 months of the procedure and almost all areas of the scalp get visible with the transplanted hair.

The 1 Year Follow up:
The full growth of hair takes place and all over the implanted areas get visible with the regrowth of hair. The further length of hair may take some more time, but one experiences the normal hair growth naturally after a year of the procedure. The hairline created by the surgeon gets fully visible and the undetectable outcome is identified clearly by the regrowth of hairs followed by the natural hairline.

On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant involves the process of transferring the hair roots between the donor and the receiving balding part of the scalp that takes normal growth and adopts the natural hair growth cycle once the roots completed the initial shedding of hair.

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