How does it feel when you can’t find a single beach house with rooms facing the sea? Or is it okay with you if you can’t rent a room where there is not a single window offering you a view or the surroundings around? Undoubtedly, the experience is quite depressing. However, you must know that your body and mind seeks the similar treatment while you are at your house. Your eyes need to feel a space or voidness to relax. The concept of reverse house planning was initiated with the same thought.

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What do reverse floors mean?

The builders came up with the idea of placing the living and dining floors on the upper portion of house and designing the bedroom on the ground floor. It is known to be a reverse design as the traditional two storied building rules suggest just the opposite arrangement.

What is the purpose of the reverse buildings?

The engineers and builders aimed at promoting the idea of reverse living among the coastal dwellers with the purpose of diminishing the visual obstructions. The majority of households fill their living space with furniture and home decor that may create significant hindrance while looking outside. On the contrary, bedrooms hardly have any such furniture to block your view. Moreover, such planning will enable the residents to look straight at the natural backgrounds without any hindrance.

Significant perks of reverse design

• As the living room and kitchen areas are the most utilised and frequently visited space of your house, it will be beneficial for you to isolate those areas from your master bedroom successfully.

• Structuring the bedroom on the ground floor will leave you with enough space at the backside where you can easily build a separate storage area for storing your unwanted objects. Moreover, you can utilise the space in the ground floor for creating a car parking.

• If your house is near to the coastal area, then your long lost plan for enjoying the view of the open sea will be fulfilled as you a good eco home builder in Melbourne for creating an reverse-plan building for you.

Additional benefits of reverse flooring

The facility of maximised view will further offer an extensive range of advantages to the dwellers that include:
• Generate the air passage for smooth air flow throughout the room
• Minimise the appearance of pesky insects inside the bedroom
• Allow the tenants to design the interior decor uniquely

Is it the appropriate living style?

If you are willing to switch your living style and connect with nature at the fullest, there are no better options available for you except a reverse plan building. It will keep you more close to the earth and let you indulge in the soothing relaxation that nature has to offer.

However, you need to consult with the professional teams of building planners and designers before making any final decision. They will consider your location and structure of the house for making the floors upside down.

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The author Ron Spencer has an experience of reverse living and possesses an adequate information about the eco home builder in Melbourne.