When trying to conceive, one may face a lot of challenges as it is not a smooth sail for many people. Poor egg quality, Tubal factors, Ovulation problems, Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or some other unexplained fertility problem are a few examples of such challenges. Here we will describe the effect of gluten on fertility, be it direct or indirect.

Gluten can be found in various grass related grains such as wheat, barley, rye, oat etc. In some cases, gluten can trigger celiac disease, which affects the small intestine and it's symptoms are not very specific and are general in nature so it goes undiagnosed making it hard to treat.

Though the disease affects a small number of people in all, if left untreated for long it could cause many severe health problems including infertility. This could prove to be a problem for couples seeking infertility treatments in Delhi, as either of partners suffering from celiac disease, means lower success rate for the treatment. The best option is to consult the best IVF doctor in India before commencing the treatment to discuss your health condition and steps to be taken in order to increase your chances of conceiving.

About Coeliac Disease And Approach Towards A Healthy Pregnancy

First step should be diagnosis. If you have been trying to conceive for a year and still aren't pregnant or if you have a history of miscarriages, you could be suffering from Coeliac disease and your first action should be getting tested for Coeliac disease. It affects both men and women, with men suffering from low sperm count and lower sperm motility, and women suffering from several pregnancy complications, early menopause and more.

What happens in Coeliac disease is that when a person with this condition intakes anything containing gluten an inflammatory reaction occurs in the body, symptoms range from chronic diarrhoea, malabsorption, loss of appetite among others, in severe cases where it causes Infertility, in response to the inflammatory reaction, the gut makes antibodies which affect how the blood vessels form in the uterus and could also attack the placenta.

Sometimes the classic symptoms do not occur, so one could also lookout for missed period, bone or joint pain, unexplained iron deficiency anaemia.
If your approach for conceiving is through IVF, you could opt for the best IVF centre in Delhi to make sure you have a healthy pregnancy all the way through.

As for the the solution, there is only one, that is a completely Gluten Free Diet, which has worked wonders for people with gluten intolerance. However do not go for 100% gluten free products sold in the market as many of them have empty calories, added sugar, colours and chemicals. Try eating organic foods which are gluten free. This is the only successful approach known today. Hopefully it works you you too.

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