There is a process towards spiritual transformation. Everyone has one; however, no two transformations are alike. Your spiritual transformation is an individual process in which one must travel alone. Everyone's life experiences are different; thus, resulting in the reasons for the different spiritual transformations. Each of your destinations are the same which is to ultimately reach the Source of Creation; however, the road that each of you will travel to reach the Source of Creation will be totally different.

There are mainly Seven points towards a Spiritual Transformation which is evidenced in the Scriptures of the Holy Bible. There are the Seven Churches of Asia, The Seven Candlesticks, The Seven Sins, The Seven Days of the Week and so on and so forth. There are also the Seven Chakras or The Seven Arch Angels. Each of these Seven Areas, no matter what they are called or the various terms utilized to describe them, they all exist within your body. The more knowledge you digest mentally and spiritually; internally, one of these seven areas opens up. As you rise on your spiritual journey, the more the invisible forces opens up the inner book of higher level and sacred knowledge to you.

You must pass one level and gain the understanding required for that particular life lesson, before you can move forward to the next level on your spiritual journey. Until you have learned the previous lesson that life was teaching you, you will not be allowed to move to the next level. It is a very sad state to be in, when you are constantly repeating the same life experience over and over. Your purpose in this world is to evolve inwardly, so that your God-Given Gift can finally be revealed to you. There is nothing that exists outside of you that doesn't already exists within you. When you look outside yourself for the Source of Creation, you will be searching and wandering for the remainder of your life.

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