Maybe you've noticed but there is a lot of snake oil being sold in the world today. One just has to look at all the lawsuits and scandals involving many of these so called wonder cures for whatever it is that ails you. I won't mention any names in order to protect the innocent, but the guilty should probably be strung up by their toes. The folks peddling these natural remedies for anxiety are some of the worst offenders.

Don't get me wrong. There are some wonderful remedies out there. The problem is, they're not very fancy and they don't sound all that exciting. In a world where "pop this magic tablet" is what the masses are looking for, it's easy to understand why the shysters are peddling all this manure.

So the question is%u2026how can you tell what's good and what works from what's a load of BS? Well, given that many of these natural remedies for anxiety are nothing but empty promises that sound too good to be true, the secret to separating the wheat from the chaff is to simply use a little common sense.

When you're reading about some miracle cure that sounds like it came out of the Wizard of Oz, ask yourself one simple little question.

"Does this sound too good to be true?" If it does, most likely you're better off running for the hills.

But what if it DOESN'T sound too good to be true? What if it sounds quite plausible? Like I said, there are a lot of smart people out there who can make anything sound realistic and doable.

The only safe thing to do, and this is a rule of thumb everybody should adapt for all things and not just natural remedies for anxiety, is to get a second opinion from somebody who is unbiased. And when I say unbiased, I am referring to somebody who is not looking to get money from you.

That includes your regular physician. I'm not saying don't go to a doctor. I'm saying don't go to a doctor for whom you are a regular patient. It's a conflict of interest as he doesn't want to lose you as a patient. Go to somebody who doesn't know you from Adam, knows he'll never see you again (make this perfectly clear) and will more than likely tell you the truth.

Another thing you can do is ask people who have actually suffered from anxiety. Ask them if THEY'VE tried this wonder cure and if they did, how well it worked for them.

Don't just take the word of the person promoting the cure. They have a vested interest in your using it. It's called profit. A cynical way to maybe look at the world? Maybe, but it sure beats getting taken in by every Tom, Dick and Harry who's looking to use you as a human test subject on a pack of lies.

Get the facts. Get informed. Then make your decision based on that information. There ARE natural remedies for anxiety that actually work. The key is not to get taken in by the ones that DON'T work.

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