Whether or not there are vitamins in bee pollen, and whether or not those vitamins are good for human consumption in bee pollen form as well as whether or not bee pollen for sports (and those who play sports) being a good idea is the topic of much debate in some circles. So does bee pollen contain as many vitamins as is rumored? Can taking bee pollen for sports actually enhance your performance?

What Makes Up Bee Pollen?

As you know, bee pollen is consists of the pollen the bees collect from their flowers mixed with a tiny amount of honey to clump it together into manageable pellets or granules. These granules are known as bee pollen.
Bee pollen has a unique place in the realm of foodstuffs; it is considered to be a perfect food. Packed full of vitamins and minerals, bee pollen is considered by the United States Department of Agriculture to be the most nutritious food in existence.

If you look at the composition of bee pollen, it is an incredible mix of protein (including all essential amino acids) as well as carbohydrates, fatty acids, ash and fiber, with a whole alphabet soup of vitamins and minerals including B1, B2, B6, Nicotinamide, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

Benefits of Using Bee Pollen

From helping to purge the body of toxic chemicals, helping to fight swelling and reduce the effect of diabetes, bee pollen has an amazing number of uses. It can help to fight brain tumors and Parkinson’s disease; it can help with asthma and neuralgia as well as helping to lower cholesterol and easing gastrointestinal issues. Eye problems, skin disease, heart conditions, helping wounds to heal faster and improving blood circulation; each of these things is helped along by bee pollen. And these are just some of the medical benefits!

Bee pollen can also be used to help increase one’s brain function as well as your skin tone, you ability to resist things like colds and the flu as well as helping you to fight the effects of aging on your body. But when it comes to athletes, there is a special use for bee pollen.

Athletes and Bee Pollen

With so many demands being put on athletes as they train for their particular fields, there is definitely a use for bee pollen as a nutritional supplement for those who are undergoing training. The sheer number and complexity of vitamins and minerals included in bee pollen makes it an excellent addition to any athlete’s training regimen, and can be used to help bolster their energy levels just before an event.

While bee pollen is a definite help as a nutritional supplement to athletes, helping them to achieve better results, it can be equally beneficial to those who are simply taking it as a daily supplement, as the vitamins in bee pollen can do wonders for helping you to rebuild damaged systems and obtain your very best body ever.

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