The Truths about Reality singing contests ... Love them or hate them: Reality singing contests have been around for over 40 years and while the formats may change, I don't see an end to them. They have launched the races and many of the top charts and even the agents have sent their singers to auditions as a viable launching pad. However, some insist that they have completely destroyed the music industry. Whatever your opinion today, I'll lift the lid on what happens so you can decide if they are for you or if your path to success is elsewhere:

Truth 1: remember it's a TV show:

The Voice calls me regularly every year because they are already looking for new talent long before the show starts. Though not as successful as its US counterpart, there has been a singer of a better caliber; Their backers are Universal, but they certainly didn't know what to do with the winner of the first series, so having a great voice alone isn't indicative of overall success. On the other hand, X-factor and BGT that SYCO (Simon Cowell) drives have a very big engine. It's really about the stories behind the singing, the drama, the looks, and the 16-25 age range to really get a shot.

Truth 2: you have multiple producers to sing first

No matter what the show trailer says, behind the scenes you are invited to sing and your ears will be tickled to hear it or you are singing in front of various TV producers and A&R representatives first and anything up to 5 separate auditions before they rehearse for a television shot in front of the judges. This is why crazy auditions are so visible. By the time the duped have gone through 5 rounds, TV is awesome to tell you the truth!

Truth 3: it's not a magic wand

Even if you go through training ground or some of the rounds live, television exposure alone (unless it's a very distinctive performance) won't guarantee open doors. Being visible is not enough; many have no experience in how to knock on those doors or use that exposure afterward and go back to their former lives. They were waiting for someone to rescue them and tell them they were fine. The only ones I know who did a few rounds and got something out of it were singers who were prepared and knew how to promote themselves when the cameras were off.

Truth 4: Sometimes losers win and winners lose

How come you can win the X-Factor or The Voice and not have a career? Why did Olly Murs prevail while Joe Mc ... who? You did not do it? Personality is the answer to this. Even though Joe, Lianne, etc. They had amazing voices and their boy and girl next door stories resonated with the voting public at the time, neither of them had a sense of their own style and I daresay they were straightforward personalities. It just doesn't sell records! We want our rock and pop stars to be a little over the top and over the top. Olly was successful because he was able to create a look and sound after the show ended that found a niche in the market. People behind the scenes would have known it was easy and fun to work with. People at the end of the day buy people. End of.

So be prepared before you go. It can be a life-changing experience for some, but for most, don't put your hopes on it, or wait before creating your own style and personality,

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The truths about reality singing contests