When it comes to affluent people, they have investments in different forms. Some prefer to own real estate property while others have large sums of money in their banks. There are many difficulties that rich people have to face when they pass down their inheritance to their children. Things become more complicated when the inheritance matter of an affluent couple is involved.
In most cases, large tax amounts are deducted during the process of transfer. To avoid such issues, there are multiple options that affluent couples can explore when it comes to inheritance. The purpose of this article is to understand one of the many options of getting around this issue through credit shelters.

Role of Credit Shelters

To avoid large amounts of deduction in the inheritance because of taxes, credit shelters are put in place. By signing up for credit shelters, in case of the death of one of the spouses with a million-dollar estate, the surviving spouse receives some control on the estate or property. A settlor serves as the mediator of the whole deal.


One of the biggest benefits of a credit shelter is that if one of the spouses requires money on an urgent basis, they can take it from the estate. And the amount is not limited to the income of the real estate. Instead, the spouse can get the estate’s principal amount as well.


Unlike other tax exemption solutions, after the death of the second spouse the whole estate is passed down to the children without any taxes involved in the picture. Sure, there are many drawbacks as no benefits in terms of interest rates are given on the real estate during the lives of the spouses. But, when it comes to the wealth distribution of huge business owners, credit shelters are perfect.


Consider a couple who each has a net worth of $5 million. They decide to create a credit shelter trust. It means that when either one of the spouses passes away, the funds of the deceased spouse will pass down to the credit shelter. The remaining spouse will receive the funds from the credit shelter without any taxes imposed.

Even though the remaining spouse’s net worth increases to $10 million but that he or she is still not liable to any taxes. Here is where it gets interesting. As per Federal law, since the remaining spouse did not have direct access to the credit shelter trust, she is not held accountable for the $10 million. Instead, she is taxed for $5 million like before.


Credit shelter trusts are a legal and efficient system that allows rich people to protect their estate from falling under the ax of taxes. They save many people from losing their millions of dollars when their inheritance is passed down to their next generations.

If you think, it is the most viable option for you then it is best to explore credit shelter trusts more. Further advice needs to be taken from the federal tax experts and inheritance lawyers. They can guide you best as per your scenario.

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