Anxiety is a very serious condition that affects over 40 million Americans and causes an incredible amount of lost opportunities for individuals due to their debilitating anxiety. Their anxiety takes many different forms; from general anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and often times specific anxiety which focus on actions such as driving or flying. Regardless of the form of anxiety it is clear it is a very difficult condition to deal with, and they make the sufferer lead an often times extremely difficult life.

Many of the sufferers of anxiety go to their doctor seeking help, and the doctor almost invariably prescribe anxiety medications. These medications can definitely help the sufferer, and can drastically change the user's life. However many of the negatives of prescription anxiety medications are not clear to the user when they first start taking the medicine.

The most drastic and immediate concerns are the side effects than come along with prescription medicines. Some of the worst include: Amnesia, depression, thoughts of suicide, decreased libido, inability to orgasm, impotence, migraines, and sleep apnea. That list is only a small representation of the entire list of negative effects that can come from prescription anxiety medicines. It is encouraged that anyone considering a prescription anxiety medicine to fully research all of the side effects associated with a specific medicine so they are fully informed about what they are going to potentially be ingesting on a daily basis. These side effects are commonly worse than the initial anxiety they were prescribed to treat and many times require a separate prescription medicine to treat which again cause more unnecessary side effects, and long term adverse health effects.

Along with the side effects another potentially life threatening result of prescription medicines is the dependency they can cause. Prescription anxiety medicines are known to cause dependency and require an increased dosage over time to realize the same results initially achieved through the smaller dose. This increased dosage not only causes increased side effects, but it can also cause new side effects not formally present such as mania, and severe depression. In addition many former addicts and those with addiction problems are prescribed an anxiety medication which cause their addictions to flare up and lead to the use of dangerous street drugs and pain killers which result in a very high chance of death for the user.

Natural anxiety treatments on the other hand do not have any of these dangers, and they do not sacrifice the effectiveness of their treatments. Over 30 clinical studies have been performed comparing the effectiveness of natural ingredients to prescription treatments such as: Valerian Root, Passionflower, 5-HTP, GABA, L-Theanine, and Hops. these studies have shown that they are as effective at treating mild to moderate anxiety as prescription medicines, and their results in treating major anxiety has been inconclusive. As well these natural ingredients do not have any major or dangerous side effects, and when taken in moderate dosage typically don't have any side effects. These also do not cause dependency, nor do they trigger addictive relapses.

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