If sound systems that are composed by musicians, scientists, and music engineers were not relevant, then, we would not had bothered to spend billion of pounds creating music, films and documentaries, or bothered to go to the threate, cinema and gala events.

What is it about sound systems that intrigue mankind of all races, cultures and creed? What is the mystery behind these sound systems? What would a child moves to the music without even understanding the purpose, and content of its sound systems?

Why would a human being embed certain sound systems to the lyrics, documentaries, films, as well as composing scientifically crafted sound systems with clinical therapy audios and CDs?

Obviously, particular sound systems, when combined with guided or self guided imagery, both have power over our lives, including our health, happiness, and achievement.. sound systems have the power to heal, get our brain into orderly cognitive functioning, and the power to rewire our brain structure.

The universe itself is a symphony, and the law of physics are harmonies of the divine order. Even the blissfulness of the so called ‘silence’ is made of sound system as you are listening to the silent listening.

Brainwave Chemistry

Our brain chemistry and nervous system is designed from light waves, and sound systems, which communicate between our billion neurons, and thus, when the brain hears particular sound systems, synchronize and harmonise to enhance brain functioning. Evidence of the above description can be found in the vast literature on brainwave experiments that are analyzed by brainwave scientists to determine which brainwave pattern is more dominant than the other brainwave, and how to get the brain into EEG coherence so that a person achieve his or her optimum peak performance and prevent various mental and physical ailments.

We all go through different brainwave pattern that affect our daily moods, creativity, and results for good or bad, depending on who is the dominant pervading brainwave pattern affecting the brain. For example, the brainwave of someone asleep, and the brainwave of someone driving a car are hugely different from someone composing a classical music or from someone running in the park. Each and every particular brainwave affect the person’s health and state of mind for better or worse.

Scientists can now analyze your brain by observing your brainwave patterns. For instance, when you are feeling anxious, your brain displays a colossal high beta waves. Persons experiencing ADD/ADHD displays high level of slower Alpha / Theta brainwaves.

Sound systems of particular brainwaves patterns can help and transform the person to perform well, feel well, and achieve their desired outcome with such brilliancy.

Tones, Auditory ‘Beats’

ZiziWorld is the leading edge of brain mind technology, still in the production and research program right now. The sound systems and embedded syntax for encoding and deprogram the debilitating content existent in most people’s subconscious mind, will reprogram the subject with newly, fresh, and empowering syntax of achievement. The consistency of the rhythmic stimuli entrainment organise brainwaves, to help people overcome mental health problems, under performance, and ADD/ADHD symptoms. Sound systems when scientifically composed and embedded with hypnosis, guided imagery, and neuro syntax affirmation encoding provide harmony and powerful creativity.

Hemispheric Synchronisation.

The two brain hemispheres need be equally balanced in the synchronisation of both hemispheres. Hemi synch simply means that left and right hemisphere brainwave state have achieve similar patterns. These patterns can be shown on an EEG machine.

Most of us know that, a left and right hemisphere, are connected via a neural layer called the corpus collosum that divides the two hemisphere. Most of us, I think, know that the right hemisphere deals with emotions and creativity. The left hemisphere deals with reason, logic, and thus analytic. When we see someone with such creative brilliance, such state of health, and joy, it means that this person uses both hemispheres. This particular individual are goal orientated, passionate, and well balanced. He or she uses brain entrainment and self-programming as part of their MindGym training.

Word of warning:

The brainwaves entrainment programs of these sound systems, are not to be taken out of context and used for extreme mental health problems, nor should you think that any one session of brain entrainment produce miracle and cure people from major mental health problems. When I was suffering from clinical depression, and panic disorder, I had chosen not to take any medication, and therefore, I sought alternative medicine that helped me recover, using various sound systems, guided imagery, neuro syntax affirmation encoding, good diet, and physical exercises. I am not suggesting that you give up your medical treatment, and indulge in passive brainwave entrainment programs, because, only you, your higher intelligence who can make that decision to find out what works best for you.

Syntax Commands Encoding

The Power of ZiziWorld Syntax Commands for total subconscious success programming may sound weird for the lay person and for some professionals. However, history is replete with success stories from great financiers, sports Olympic champions, CIA, Celebrities, including visionaries, who had used some form of sound system for brain entrainment to help them achieve peak performance.

Encoding sound systems that are embedded in music, documentaries, films, or clinical therapies have the advantages over tone based encoding, making you fully relaxed, and helping make decision. However, when you walk into the big stores such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols, or any shopping centre, music sound system is used to relax you, and help you make buying decision easier.

Brain Entrainment science fact or fiction

Major research on sound systems are taking place in major university and science laboratories, and it is continuing to investigate the use of brain entrainment with ADD and mental disorders, as well as research into PMS chronic Fatigue, Pain, Depression and variety of mental heath disorders. Dr Thomas Budzynski, David Siever, Psychologist Michael Joyce, and hosts of other prominent doctors and neuroscientists involved in this kind of research.

You may be asking, if this is so, why this kind of alternative or complimentary science is not implemented in the mainstream medical centres. Well, considering years of brain washing by the medical media, and policy makers, it is easy to see that as a brain washed culture, have become drugs addict, relying solely on drugs, and quite frankly, pharmaceutical companies, government and insurance companies have no vested interested in a project or product that anyone can duplicate or compose to heal themselves.

The virus of Scepticism

We also live in a motivated sceptical society, scepticism is due to ignorance, and it is deeply buried into the subconscious mind. Most people are so good at rejecting a piece of information or a product that is not endorsed by government, and remain sceptical until the day they actually, engage in few sessions of brainwave system programming, and discover the awesome results from which helped me recover from debilitating mental disorder, and low performance. I am the walking miracle man today, and proud to have become my own therapist, healer, teacher, mentor, and philosopher of mind.

Hot Syntax Taster

I leave you with this ‘hot syntax’ composed solely for the good of all. If you record these pieces of ‘hot syntax’ and listen to them when you are relaxed, you will know what I am trying to convey. Make sure, you embed an alpha brainwave or theta brainwave frequencies with the following ‘hot syntax’ repeat, or listen to these ‘ hot syntax’ twice a day, preferably just before you go to sleep, and in the morning.

You are a person of integrity, with a good attitude, and specific goals. you have a high energy level, you r enthusiastic, and take pride in your appearance, and in what you do.

You have a sense of humor; you have invincible faith, wisdom, and vision, to go after your dreams like a lion going after its prey.

You have the courage to use your talents effectively.

You have a fantastic character, and you know you have knowledgeable.

Your convictions are strong, and, you have a healthy self-image, a passion for what is right, and a solid hope for the future.

You are honest, sincere, and a smart working person

You are TOUGH, BUT, fair, and sensitive

You are disciplined, motivated, and, focused.

You are a good listener, and patient, but YOU take decisive action.

You are bold, authoritative, and confident, yet humble and lovable.

You are confident, and a powerful communicator, you are developing winning habits.

You are a student of life, a teacher, role model and a self starter.

You have a servant’s heart, HIGHLY AMBITIOUS, and a fantastic team player.

You are personable, optimistic, and organized.

You are consistent, considerate, and resourceful.

You are intelligent, competent, and creative.

You are health-conscious, "balanced,” and sober.

You are flexible, punctual, and reliable.

You are an honorable person, who is truly grateful, for the opportunity life has given YOU.

These are the qualities of the winner. YOU WERE BORN TO BE, and YOU ARE fully committed; to develop these excellent qualities; with which YOU have been entrusted. Today is the first day of the rest of YOUR life, and it is MAGICAL, HEALTHY, HAPPY AND WEALTHY.

Author's Bio: 

Andre Zizi is a philosopher, qualified teacher, NLP facilitator, trained in the educational psychology. His specialty is in the area of mental toughness and emotional mastery, stress, the psychology and process of business start ups, relationship conflict, how to prevent or overcome an illness and or how to achieve dream goals.

Andre Zizi is the Founder and Director of ZiziWorld LTd and YourDreamComesTrue LTD

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