Life seems to have a way of working out. People have enthusiastically contributed to the recent success of books like The Secret and The Law of Attraction. Yet many mistake the practice of this law.

They have misunderstood what the message of these books is all about.

They have allowed themselves to believe that the Law of Attraction will fulfill their dreams just by sitting back and thinking what they want from their lives.

As far as I am concerned, this is not how it works.

The only way this law can be used is to put action to the dreams. For me it is right that the universe works with us to achieve our dreams. But the universe can only push destiny towards us. The rest is still up to us. We choose whether we meet destiny halfway or not. There are no rewards for the lazy.

If we were to examine the successful people in this world we would see immediately that each one of them went through extreme challenges to get to where they are now. There is no easy path to success despite what some people say. Reaching our goals will mean that we have to face numerous hurdles along the way.

It truly depends on how badly we want our dreams to become reality.

No matter what rocky path we follow, we will always stumble along the way. We attract failure when we have a self-defeating attitude which makes us anticipate that we will fail. It also makes us believe that the more we fail the less likely we will be able to get up again and try again. It sabotages our dreams. Pessimism will inevitably bring failure.

Rather than thinking about what we don’t want, think what we do want. Putting negative words such as don’t or no in our statements show up our focus which is in the negative. On the other hand claiming we have already achieved our goals is also not accurate.

Positive thinking means that we believe that we WILL get what we want and that we are on the way to fulfilling those dreams. We have heard of the term self-fulfilling prophecy. It means that we believe that good things will come to us because we believe that they will happen.

This article does not claim that success can only be measured by what financial success we achieve. We can win in many different ways and in all aspects of our lives. We can win with our personal or career paths. We can say we have truly won when we are able to go to bed at the end of the day feeling happy and content.

Simply put, the law of attraction is accepting the fact that we can do what we want and that anything is possible if we work at it.

Goods things can happen to us anytime, including today and the miracle of having our wishes and dreams fulfilled is already set to unfold if we open up to opportunities that will make us happy.

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