You can use the Law of Attraction to create any desire, but you MUST be in a place of cooperating with the universe. Visualization can help you to do that, if you understand the 3 steps to deliberate creation.

A lot of folks have focused on visualizing as the key to creating results using the Law of Attraction. Visualizing is a great tool, but maybe not for the reason that you would think.

The process of manifesting is still a bit confusing to most folks. You see, The Secret Movie did a brilliant job of whetting everyone's appetite for understanding Universal Law. And the speakers featured in the movie are real and successful and credible folks. But they just didn't have time to tell us everything.

Visualization is an easy thing to teach and vision boards often create fabulous results, but there is so much more to creating than visioning. And, your results may have been poor or inconsistent.

So, if you got excited and tried some things and got a little stuck or confused, take heart. There is a simple formula for working in harmony with the Universe. When you understand this formula, you have all that you need to manifest with powerful intention. And, when you get good at it, it will look like magic to those who observe you; as it may look to you right now!

Make no mistake, though. This isn't magic. It's Universal Law. And you can learn to cooperate with the Law and allow the Universe to deliver to you what you have asked for. Actually, it's a three step process.

Step Number One
It starts when you experience something you don't want. When you see something that you don't want, you are wired to start asking for what you do want, and that feels completely natural.

Step Number Two
Once you ask, the Universe, an attraction based place, is set up to provide what you asked for. Most of us don't get this. Imagine that you have ordered something and it is immediately provided. Think of your desire being available at the Universe's "online store". You click on what you want and the Universe tells you it is "in stock". That is the second step. The Universe does the second step. Is that cool or what?

So, you did the first step, by having a desire. Then the Universe answered your desire with a big "Yes!", because this is a Universe of inclusion and when you ask, what you ask for is provided. This may not seem to be happening. After all, you don't rub the lamp, ask the genie and have all that you desire materialize in front of you!

Step Number Three
The third step is the other job that we, as human beings have. And this is where folks are often missing the boat. In order to receive delivery from the Universe, you have to be cooperative. What that means is that you have to be emotionally and mentally in a place that allows you to receive what you asked for. This is often spoken of as being a vibrational match for what you asked for.

Another way of looking at this is that you have to be feeling good in order to let good things come into your experience. So, to do this third step, you have to let go of the original feeling of discontent and wanting, and move yourself into the feeling, the vibration and the energy of gratitude and pleasure that you imagine you will have once you get what you asked for.

That's the whole formula! As you can imagine though, the third step is our real work. Step one is easy and natural. Step two is done for you. All of the work is really about changing the way that you focus your thoughts and feelings so that you can cooperate with the Universe and receive. This is work and it takes practice, but it is really very fun work and the results are outstanding!

Start doing this work of allowing yourself to receive what you have asked for by imagining and visualizing- not to tell the Universe what you want (you already did that), but for the purpose of feeling the pleasure of having it, vibrationally, even before you get delivery. The more you do this, the faster you will find yourself enjoying cooperating with the Universe!

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Laurie Stolmaker is an experienced counselor, educator, and Law of Attraction coach with a private practice based in Santa Rosa, CA. She specializes in helping people uncover and unleash the joy that is their natural birthright and loves creating fun ways for folks to have lives of success, joy and ease. Claim your free recording, "Unleash Your Success" to joy-start your day, and your free Law of Attraction Ebook at =>