The idea of solotraveling is not just limited to men. Women around the world are trying out traveling solo. There are many influencers who are paid to take up this daring task of following their passion to see the world and experiencing its offerings all by themselves. Gone are the days when traveling alone for a lady was troublesome. With the availability of many services built towards women safety, it is now, that women have received their true freedom. Freedom for women is not just restricted to traveling, in today’s day and age, they are even able to express themselves. Their expression also covers the areas of love, especially love towards the same gender. Lesbians are no more a taboo. It is often a sight for sore eyes to see two women in love, expressing them openly.

When it comes to love, what can be a better destination than Switzerland to ignite the fire. It is blessed with scenic beauties, great food and beautiful people. As shown in movies, there are many romantic destinations in Switzerland to help you fall in love all over again. But, if you are more of a free spirit yourself or rather single, here are a few things to do when visiting this hub of love;

Visit the churches

Being a pre-dominantly Catholic country, Switzerland has many vintage chapels and churches to visit. They have a beautiful infrastructure made in as old as 853 AD and still standing strong, attracting tourists from around the world. St. Peter’s Church in Zurich may remind you of your favourite horror movie and that scene of exorcism amidst the snow-clad valleys. Even if you are not among the Church going clan, the Fraumunster church is amongst the oldest holy places on the planet, toping it on the must-visit tourist list. And if going to churches is still boring, why not hope to peep on some real adult confessions to make your trip, a tat more interesting.

Absorb the view from Euro-rail

If you are in Switzerland and you haven’t tried getting on a train, you are missing out big time. For single ladies, trains are often an interesting place to meet people. On long journeys, a companion to share your life experiences or learn from theirs is often inviting. If you are not much of a talker, knocking yourself up with a book will also help pass time while admiring the high-altitude glacier at the Jungfraujoch. Lesbian romantic stories have quite the power to keep you hooked for hours till you reach your mesmerising destination in Swiss and unleash the fire in your pants.

Skiing in heaven

If you are the adventurous types, what better way to meet your soulmate at the skiing area in Titlis. The beautiful Uri Range is famed mountains offering the world’s first cable car, suspension bridge and glacier caves. Yes, glacier caves arethat one spot which you must have missed it on your ‘let’s have sex here’ list. It’s not late yet to add this heavenly sexy spot in your food for thought bucket. The adrenaline derived from skiing can only be calmed with a warm drink at the local pubs. These pubs are as Texan it can be, holding up tall wooden walls and serving the local beet in the heavy oak mugs.

Gamble in Switzerland

surprisingly, apart from chocolates, Switzerland is also known for its Casinos. These Casinos cater to all the games that Vegas offers along with great food. Being a religious catholic country, it is interesting to see the colonial architectural inspiration at these Casinos. Casino De Montbenon, Grand Casino Baden and Casino Barriere are some of the hottest gambling spots. If you are a single lady, ready to gamble your night away, as these places will never leave you empty handed.

So, if you are still in double mind to indulge or not with this beauty called Switzerland, stop right there. Luckiest women are the ones who have no baggage and if you don’t have any, being a single lady yourself, think not twice and book your tickets right away. And yes, what better way than this, to find the love of your life or discover the greatest night of your life, on this heaven on earth, called as Switzerland.

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