Be it in the warehouse or inside the busiest operational area of a manufacturing industry; you are required to have a set of equipment and tools for keeping up with the pace of work. Among the frequently used tools in several sectors, the steel made stillage is something that most of the people are unaware of.

As you try to buy the equipment from the online stores, you will surely come across various types of stacking and storage equipment that you can put to use in your warehouse. However, you may feel baffled not knowing the exact functionalities of those storages. Go through the necessary information regarding the types of stillages and choose the appropriate one for your company.

What is a stillage?

Stillage can be referred to the advancement of traditional pallets. It is specially manufactured for fulfilling the industrial needs. The wooden pallets are gradually replaced by the metal frames for ensuring better resilience and support to the goods.

Profile Stillage: Profile stillage is used in almost every manufacturing industry for transporting the extrusions. It is easy to manage, and therefore you may find a wide range of profile stillages in the market.

Stacked Stillage: This type of stillage is used mostly in warehouse or yard storage areas. These are space saving and can be stacked with the material at any corner of your industrial zone. The stillage can also be used for moving or transporting the accumulated materials.

A frame Stillage: The A-frame stillage is used for various purposes for both stacking and transportation purposes. This type of stillage is utilised for transporting heavy structures. The unique shape of this carrier equally distributes the weight of the object. It has a cross-shaped beam in between the legs that prevent the structure from falling while transporting.

Mobile folding Stillage: The folding stillage is used mostly in the manufacturing areas where there is less space allotted for keeping the equipment. In general, this equipment has the capacity of holding up to a weight worth 800 Kilograms. One can easily fold both the sheets on the opposite sides, and it will soon become a portable tool. It is often compared to the slip sheets meant for replacing the traditional pallets and easing up the transportation of goods.

Automotive Stillage: Commonly recognised as the tyre stillage, this carrier is specially designed for transporting windscreen glasses and car bumpers. The appropriate utilisation of this stillage has made it perfect for big garages as well as car manufacturing companies.

Scaffolding stillage: Most of the people are unaware of the utility of scaffolding stillage. However, it is specially designed to hold and carry several products, tools and other machinery in both transit and storage areas.

The two principal reasons for the production companies to use steel made stillage over the wooden pallets include the more capacity and better resilience. It has been encountered over the years that the steel based stillages can be utilised for carrying goods multiple times. You can continue to use this equipment for a prolonged time, whereas wooden pallets are not that sturdy or resilient. If the pallets are used to carry or store heavyweight materials for a long time, you may encounter the signs of damages.

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The author Ron Spencer has an experience of using slip sheets and possesses an adequate information about the utility of stillages.