It is a revolutionary endeavor by a German lady Dr. Maria Montessori. Her observation and experiment has offered an entirely different type of educational system to the world. This system has become popular as Montessori teachers training course. The demand of this training programme has been realized in all over the world. The uniqueness of the training has drag the attraction of the many educationists. Its successful application has sanction the credibility of the training system. The prime uniqueness of the method is it does offer complete liberty to the young student to facilitate their learning.

The observation of Dr. Maria Montessori has exposed some noticeable trait of human behavior the prime of this is human being learn from her immediate atmosphere. This is the major perspective that has followed in Montessori teachers training course. In this type of learning program,

  • The teacher acts as the guide for the student and helps them to get influenced from her immediate environment.
  • The teacher need remain well regarding with the psychology of the juvenile students
  • In this teaching process the teacher works as the facilitator or the mentor for the student
  • This method follow self-directed learning trend.
  • This method facilitates
  • Individual independence of the learner.
  • Preparation of a leering environment is of the important task of the facilitator in this regard.

Need for a Montessori teachers training course:

A professional training is not only important rather indispensable for a Montessori teacher. The attitude of the teacher deserves some adaptation in this regard. A professional training program from a credible institute suffices to gain that competence. In this process of training the teacher is responsible to make student understand the value of independence. This system demands a sense of responsibility from the learner, it is the teacher who is who is responsible to impart this sense to her student. A Montessori teachers training course can make a teaching personnel aware regarding the exact position of the teacher in this learning environment so they can contribute their efficacy in this regard. The skill development is the major requirement for the candidates who wants to develop their career in this direction. That is the reason the issue certification is quite relevant here. There are different academies at any urban location are offering courses for the Montessori teachers but few of them can nurture credible candidate for umpteenth number of Montessori academies. The quality gap is also obvious in this regard. The aspirant for the Montessori training needs to get involved in the process of academy searching.
Some points need to consider

  • The Montessori training institute needs to have sound infrastructure to offer the training of this kind.
  • Competent faculty member is another important criterion of credible institute. The faulty of this training need to retain a clear idea regarding the theory and the application of the process. Because theoretical stand point is one of the major feature of this type of training.
  • Accreditation is another important criterion for any training course as well as for any institute. If the institute or its program is accredited from the credible international authority the certified candidates from those programme a degree of acceptability in the professional atmosphere.

In conclusion it can be said Montessori teachers training course has received a global acceptance and ready to offer a competent teacher for the future generation.

Author's Bio: 

Laxmon Gope is the teacher at Institute of International Teachers Training who teaches the Montessori Teachers Training Course effectively and with the help of this course many have got benefited and have become teachers.