We agree first lessons make us nervous as always and a driving lesson is no exception to this either. Coming back to the story, driving lessons may seem quite challenging for learners who have never had an experience in taking the seat behind the wheel. A mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness will take over our senses. If you are about to take this new journey it’s important that you go through the following lines: 

Bring your learner’s permit 

We understand that this is the first time you will be handed over a car where your driving skills will be practically tested. However, for this in-car training to go smoothly you must first bring the learner’s permit. You will be allowed to take the in-car lesson when the instructor finds that you have brought the learner’s permit with you. It’s also called the student’s license. 

Starting from the passenger seat 

You will not be allowed to drive the car on your first day of your in-car lesson. At first a learner is asked to take the passenger seat from where they are supposed to understand how a vehicle is driven. In your case too it won’t be any different. The instructor will pick you from a meeting point and later drop you at a safe location. 

Don’t worry! The instructor will comfort you 

A good driving instructor in Melbourne will comfort you when you will be handed over the car for the first time to drive on your own. We know there are too many muddled thoughts going on in your head. If you are feeling anxious, the instructor will handle your stress and rather make you feel comfortable. Soon you will start enjoying the ride. 

Looking at the mirror 

Your first in-car lesson from a driving school in Melbourne will render a feeling of anxiousness. You will be bothered about tackling the traffic. Being a newbie you will be told by your instructor to take note of the mirror as it is one of the most important instruments to help you have control over your car. Discovering the fact that the mirror is extremely important during a drive is a part of the in-car lesson. 

Driving the car 

After discussing the important instruments involving the car and its mechanisms, the instructor will speak to you about some basic manoeuvres along with some fundamental techniques. These techniques will further help you become an expert for an entire life. 

You will not be allowed to drive for miles 

During your first driving lessons in Melbourne you will not be allowed to drive for miles. It’s true you will not learn with your ears but by observing what your instructors say or perform. That’s when you will need to switch the sides with the instructor at least several times in a day. Remember, at first you will not be allowed to drive for a vast stretch. The instructor will give you a live demo along with some explanations before you will be asked to take the steering wheel and drive. They will gauge your abilities during the first few lessons. 

These apart there will be a lot of questions and answers which both of you may have to face. If you feel you have not understood a certain part of driving, do not worry. Just go ahead ask your instructor about something you want to know. Similarly the instructor may ask questions to know how much you have understood. That’s how few of the first in-car lessons should go about.

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a driving school in Melbourne. In recent times the author has been sharing details about driving lessons offered by reliable driving schools.