You have probably heard very many rumors about the sperm. Forget the rumors. Here are the facts from experts;

They are fast and furious

Sperm are fast and furious right from the start. According to Harry Fisch, A reproductive medicine professor, the first ejaculation usually has the highest concentration of sperm.

The sperm stick around in the body for longer than people think

Contrary to what most people think, sperm usually stay in the body for 48 hours after sexual intercourse. However, sperm can also stay for 5 days to 1 week. It all depends on how friendly a woman’s cervical mucus is. Interestingly, the sperm are protected by cervical mucus so that they can stay longer in the body when a woman is just about to ovulate. This is the period when she is most fertile.

Lots of masturbation or sex can never lower a man’s sperm count

A man can never run out of sperm simply because he has had a lot of sex or due to masturbation. This is because the number of sperm that his body can produce is unlimited. Frequent ejaculation can only lower the volume of sperm produced. If his sperm count is normal, then there is nothing to worry about.

Temperature fluctuation can lower sperm count

According to Fisch, sperm count can fluctuate with seasons. A man’s sperm count tends to be high in the winter month and low in the summer months. This is because exposure to heat reduces sperm count. Reduction in sperm count can also be caused by many things e.g. relaxing for a long time in a hot tub, keeping the MacBook on the laps for a long time etc. Staying in a Jacuzzi at 104 degrees can tremendously reduce a man’s sperm count. The decrease in sperm count caused by exposure to high temperatures can last for a long time. Therefore, it is not advisable to go into hot tubs or in any other high temperature environments when you are trying to have children.

There is may be proof that pineapples will make him taste better

Semen contains fructose which helps to give it a sweet taste. There has never been a study that proves that there is a connection between the food that a man eats and the taste of his sperms. However, there is a ton of anecdotal evidence to support this rumor. Therefore, if the pineapple seems to work when it come to your man, then go ahead and grab it. Here is a good example on how to make your sperm taste sweet.

Male and female sperm have similar abilities

Sperm may contain either X or Y chromosomes. Male and female swimmers are created equal. The idea that one of them swims faster and is more resilient is simply a myth.

It is extremely rare to find someone that is allergic to sperm

You have probably heard that there are some women who are allergic to sperm. They say that it can cause redness and inflammation. However, in most cases, there are other factors that lead to such occurrences (e.g. vaginal infections). It is extremely rare to be allergic to sperm. Note to men, some women may say this to avoid contact with your sperm.

Before the grand finale, the sperm have a very intense journey

The sperm expelled in an average ejaculation are prepared for an average period of two and a half months. A sperm is initially formed in the testicles and it then moves to the epididymis. From the epididymis, a fully grown sperm moves through the vas deferens and later mixes with fluid to form what is commonly know semen. A little bit of fluid is added by the prostrate before ejaculation.

The sperm are affected by a man’s health

Sperm are generally healthier for men who are below the age of 40. They will even be healthier for men who don’t smoke, take a high fat diet and are not exposed to toxins in the environment. Therefore, if you are considering starting a family, you should keep that in mind.

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