Compared to Pu-erh tea, the taste of black tea is not so changeable. For tea enthusiasts who are just getting started, how to choose different types and grades of black tea? The rule of one cent and one cent seems to not work, such as drinking Majestic race, will feel expensive but not cheap. For example, Qi Hong is very expensive, but it doesn't feel as fragrant as the legend.
What exactly is the difference? Today, the more prominent black teas are Zhengshan race, Phoenix and Qihong.

Race is "sweet"
The race is the sweetest, fragrant, and the soup is quite thick.
Races are also a good way to get started. In terms of price, the cheap taste is heavy and the taste is mixed; the expensive mellow and soft. Novices may not have this kind of experience right away. Like I said before, they will like the cheapest kind of sweetness.
I have never drank Lam San, and basically belong to the non-entry teasers. This part of the tea visitors includes many people who want to get started or beginners, they are not able to accept the thick loose smoke of the small mountain. So there was an upgraded version that gave up the smoking process, and many people drank the longan flavor from the Zhengshan race.
However, if you drink potato flavor, please pay attention to it. One of the big differences between Masaiyama and pseudo races is that there is no potato flavor.

Yunnan black "concentrated alcohol"
Phoenix is not as sweet as the race, but it is strong and tough. Some friends started from Phoenix and were unwilling to accept other black teas after they fell in love with the strong one. Their love for Phoenix was not quite the same as the one from the small species.
The overall style of Phoenix is more mellow, and the obvious characteristics of large-leaf tea, on the other hand, it is normal to have a slightly sour taste. High-quality Phoenix emits an iconic honey scent, accompanied by a sweet floral and fruity scent. The color is orange-red and transparent, and it is seductive.
Some tea people once said, “Pin Phoenix, like a woman in Yunnan, is passionate, long-lasting, sweet and fragrant, and generous. You never forget it after drinking it, because you never want to forget it!”

Qi Hong's "authentic taste".
Qi Hong's characteristics are also very prominent, good fragrance, thick taste, and positive tea flavor. But it doesn't give people the same favor as Phoenix. They will feel bland at first. Therefore, novices don't have to be contacted prematurely, otherwise they will not only fail to drink well but will also be counterproductive.
When it comes to Qi Hong, we must say "Qi Men fragrance".
Qimen fragrance is a light fragrance, persistent and long. Unlike those teas that can smell the fragrance all the way, Qimen fragrance has to hold the cup to smell it. But the same cup, many black teas do not have this scent, even if there is a little bit, it is not so good.
Regarding "thick taste", in contrast, Phoenix is famous for its "strong", but it may not be tasteful if you drink it with Qi Hong, and it will not be easy to find Phoenix's taste again in the future.
This "tea flavor" is not very easy to explain. Firstly, Qi Hong's thick texture does not contain any odor, and then the tea flavor is more concentrated and does not diverge. In fact, the best way to drink Qimen black tea is to drink it without sugar and milk. If you want to add milk, it will show a pale pink, which is also different.

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