If you have decided to transform your backyard in a beautiful place where you would like to spend time with your loved ones then you have many choices to design your outdoor space in a spectacular way. Choosing stamped concrete is certainly a good idea as it is aesthetically pleasing, highly durable and a long-term solution for the backyard. There are many stamped concrete patios pros and cons to look at, but if you look at the positive aspects of stamped concrete, the pros outweigh the cons. Stamped concrete adds value to any home and when it comes to choosing the patterns, designs, colors or textures, the choices are vast. It won’t go out of style and look perfectly natural.

Stamped concrete is faster than laying bricks or pavers. It is not easy and requires technical know-how, but once you know it the results will definitely satisfy you. The best stamped concrete Ohio contractors are doing a fantastic job in making supreme looking concrete patios. Here are some tips and tricks implemented by the best Ohio contractors for building amazing stamped concrete designs.

• Subgrade: A patio should have an adequate amount of drainage and support underneath. The soli has to move around which is on the patio and if the patio is rigid the movement will not be possible. The best stamped concrete contractors of Ohio build a subgrade so it acts like a cushion between the earth and patio. A concrete has immense compression strength so it has the ability to support a lot of weight. However, it lacks the tension strength and breaks before bending. Therefore, for some stamped concrete types there is a rebar which has immense tension strength and it gives good support too.

• Think about the load: If in any section of the patio there is going to be a heavy load, for example, if there is a need to park the car or bike then the need of reinforcement cannot be ignored. It will help in supporting the weight. Most of the contractors make use of Rebar mesh which is necessary for supporting the vehicle weight. It also prevents cracking.

• Incorporating joints: Joints are pre-cut spots and these are extremely useful for it allows the concrete to expand without cracking. These should be at least a quarter way down from the slab. These joints are useful for allowing the water to run off the surface and therefore for this purpose many concrete floors, long driveways and sidewalks have these joints incorporated by the contractors. They are functional yet invisible and look like a part of the pattern.

• Dry shake color hardener: Dry shake color hardeners are applied on the concrete surface to offer a rich and robust color appearance. There are many stamped concrete patterns and colors to choose from which not only looks graceful but boost the strength and density of the concrete surface. Countries with very intense freeze-thaw cycles can benefit from using these color hardeners.

• Using the right mix: Last but not the least, you would need a concrete mix that can withstand the natural seasonal changes like extreme heat or cold. Your patio will also be exposed to water and other elements so if you have a thin mix then too much water can crack and crumble. Taking help from a professional contractor will be very useful here for he would know how to get the mixture right.

• Sealers will help in preventing stains: The longevity of the sealer depends on the conditions and wear and tear a patio goes through. An average sealer will work for 2 to 3 years so choose the best one for preventing stains on the patio.

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