The city of London in the United Kingdom receives millions of tourists every year. While the transportation system may be one of the oldest in the world, it can also leave a lot to be desired, due to its age and restrictions. However, when you travel in London, you don't always have to rely on the established transportation system (although this is often more convenient) as there are many ways to travel around the city.

London buses cover every part of the city, and there are hundreds of covered routes. The traditional red London bus still exists, but has changed over the years. You will no longer see the old open door route master bus, instead you will find long, single-deck buses or red double-decker buses, which are an upgrade to the route master. As mentioned above, these buses cover every part of the city, and you can pay in cash once on the bus (£ 1.50 for adults, cheaper for children), or use an oyster card. If you're paying in cash, pay with coins if possible, or on a very small note, since drivers don't carry as much change and are likely to be frustrated or ask you to get off the bus if they don't. I don't want to deal with the big note you've given them. Not to mention frustrated passengers, who will be forced to wait because of you, as the driver counts the change. The best way to board the bus is to use an oyster card. The Oyster card is the way London pays for travel through a kind of debit card. This is much more convenient as you no longer have to physically count changes every time you get on the bus. Just recharge the oyster card with the amount you want to put on it, and then board the bus by placing the oyster card in the oyster card reader that automatically deducts your travel expenses. The oyster card can also be used on the London Underground, which is probably the most widely used method of transportation in London. Again, top up your oyster card with enough money to cover your trip, and then place your oyster card in the oyster card reader at the station when entering and leaving the station, and the oyster card system deducts the amount of your trip automatically. If you are a tourist, you can buy the oyster card on the Transport for London website. Again, you can also use cash to pay for the train ride. You will receive a ticket in exchange for your money, which will explicitly cover it for your trip, so only from points A and B, or it will cover you to travel within a certain area during a specific period. The periods can be a single day, 3 days, 5 days or a week.

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Many tourists, especially those who are going to London for the first time, believe that it is convenient to visit the city using taxis. If you're traveling to London soon, here are some important tips when traveling by taxi.