Being anxious from time to time is a normal feeling but if your anxiousness is a frequent annoyance that interferes with your daily life then it becomes a disorder. Coping with anxiety attacks is important to get rid of the disturbing symptoms of anxiety or panic disorder.

Common symptoms of anxiety or panic attacks are chest pain, increased heartbeat, sweating, trembling, feeling of choking, nausea, headaches and feeling of losing your mind or getting crazy. Symptoms may occur when you are under so much stress or sometimes with no reason at all. Coping with anxiety attacks is important to get rid of its disabling symptoms. Here are some tips in coping with panic attacks.

Get help. Of course it is important to seek professional help. A mental health specialist can help you in coping with anxiety disorder. If you are suffering from frequent anxiety, it is also important to ask the support of your family and friends. A solid support group will help you overcome anxiety disorder. It is beneficial to join support groups with people who have the same problems.

Medications and therapy. Anti-anxiety medicine and antidepressants are common medications that your doctor may prescribe to help you deal with anxiety disorder. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also another way of coping with anxiety attacks.

Distraction. It is important to learn to distract yourself and do not let your anxiety rule over you. Engage in activities that will hold your complete attention and can distract you from the physical and emotional discomfort of anxiety or panic attacks. Engage in activities like community work, gardening, sports activities and exercise programs.

Positive thoughts. Anxiety or panic attacks occur when you have intrusive negative thoughts and one best thing you can do to conquer your negative thoughts is to think positively. You have to learn to fight those harmful thoughts and be optimistic. You can say to yourself that "I am in control, nothing bad is about to happen and everything is fine." Coping with anxiety attacks maybe hard at first, but if you will train yourself to believe and think about positive things, you will eventually overcome your negative thoughts.

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