Talk about aromatherapy and the first thing that comes to mind is relaxation. The use of essential oils to target stressed areas is known to have a calming and energising effect on the body. With techniques such as kneading, cupping with hands and the use of fingers to loosen out knots in the body while essential oils adding to it, that is what is known to be referred to as Thai aroma massage.

When spoken to experts on such massage techniques, it is often the training that they receive that brings about the right results for the body. While this massage is known to be one of the best ways to relax, ease out pain and release stress, there are a few things that you are to follow before and after the massage, if you intend to receive the best results for your body.

Before the massage –

Bathe well before the massage

It is usually with cold water that you can have a bath before a massage as that helps in relaxing your senses while getting the body clear of any cosmetics as such. Avoid the use of any strongly scented soaps or show gels as that may not allow the essential oils to work on the body. The same goes for deodorants that form a layer on the skin and preventing it to absorb the goodness of the essential oils. You could try exfoliating the skin with a scrub that clears the pores while absorbing the oils in a better way.

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Avoid heavy meals

Coming over for a massage with a full stomach does no good for the body. Since massage stimulates digestion, a full stomach is likely to keep you feeling bloated and uneasy all the while. If at all you intend to east something munch on a light snack around two hours before the massage and watch yourself feeling good while you receive the massage.

After the massage –

Consume as much as water that you can

When you drink a lot of water especially after a massage the toxins from the body get flushed. When there is pressure applied to the body during a Thai aroma massage the underlying toxins get released when there is better oxygen flow in the blood. All these toxins need to come out of the system and drinking a lot of water helps. If you sweat or probably have this frequent urge to urinate, consider it as normal.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine intake

If you are advised to consume a lot of fluids after the massage, that doesn’t include coffee or alcohol. These are things that dehydrate the body further while giving no place for the toxins to get released. The toxins stay back while making you feel the pain in no time while making the entire session of massage worthless.

Rest if you feel tired

Some people think that a massage would get rid of that tiredness that their body undergoes. Well, it doesn’t take away that tired feeling, but it takes time. Experts on massage in Perth agree that some people witness feeling fatigued and dizzy after a massage session and that is normal. It shows that the massage is having a positive effect on the body. You could try falling off to sleep and watch yourself feel rejuvenated the next day.

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Resource Box – The author has had close associations with experts for massage in Perth and therefore writes this article to let people know about how to take necessary precautions before and after a Thai aroma massage.