The human civilization is facing a deep crisis in the name of coronavirus, and it is being speculated that the economic impact of coronavirus on the global populace can be as adverse, or worse, than the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. What are some of the effects on the global economy?

  • Disruption of supply chain
  • Restrictions in Travelling
  • Reduced sale for a long time
  • Forced closure during a lockdown, with the added burden of paying rent and salaries.
  • Events cancellation
  • International economic depression
  • Employees working from home / more unavailable employee
  • Late payment of customers

Unforeseen circumstances that may arrive that were uncalled for and unpredictable.

Some industries may be more affected than others, and these include hospitality, tourism, manufacturing, education, healthcare and retail. However, as the keychain will be affected, there are chances that all industries will be affected, say the economists.

How Will You Handle Your Financial Situation?

What can you do in the moment of crisis that will save you from the financial impacts? Let us take a look.

  • You can sell your assets to obtain some SOS funding.
  • You can look for alternative sources of income.
  • You can adapt your business to cloud operation.
  • You can negotiate with suppliers to get a better deal.
  • You can cut down upon your business expenses.
  • You shouldn’t try out new business plans and projects.
  • You can improve the management of your accounts.
  • You should check upon any previous debtors who owe you some money.
  • You should go with a cash flow projection plan. Call your nearest finance broker in Toowoomba to know more about this.
  • You should know about the government stimulus packages. The government spends a considerable amount of money to boost productions in the time of crisis, and your accountant will be able to tell you how you can apply for one of them.

If you come to understand that your business will not be able to survive the blow, you can give it one more try when the crisis is over. Finance brokers in Brisbane give business owners loans with a cheap interest rate so that they can try once more. You should contact your accountant to know about your current financial situation and the paperwork that must ensue.

Set Up An Emergency Fund

Most businesses are resulting in profit in these good times, and the event will disrupt cash flow rather than being a hazard on long term profit. Because of this reason, there is the option of using debt to avert the disaster for now.

  • You can consider refinancing your properties to balance equity in the time of crisis. This is the cheapest option in your hand.
  • You should want to get a business loan to ensure the thorough function of your office. But this may be a bit more expensive option.
  • You should consolidate your debts with help from your accountant. This way, you will be able to lower your repayment rate. Switching your loans might help too.
  • If things are looking bleak, a credit mediation firm can come to your rescue. They can mediate the negotiation between you and your existing lenders for hardship provisions.

Consult a finance broker in Toowoomba today to obtain a mortgage loan to save your business from an untimely closure. It will be in your interest to act fast because Australia is likely to go to complete lockdown, and in the moment of crisis, lenders will stop lending. Moreover, bank value will likely be a bit more conservative than usual, and this puts a tab on your borrowing limit. Do the right thing, and act as a leader, because this is your chance to inspire.

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The author is a finance broker based in Toowoomba. The leader of a company that employs experienced finance brokers in Brisbane, the author is a prolific professional in his field and a writer and consulter in a web-based finance firm.