Although it is necessary to keep the immune system at its best possible condition at all times, opting for natural immunity boosters is what feels most relevant in these unprecedented times. While most doctors recommend the nutrients that would prepare you better against the lingering threats, you should readily emphasize on consuming natural food items to increase the associated vitamin and mineral uptake.
In the subsequent sections, we shall talk about 5 of the best natural immunity boosters, readily available in every household:
1. Turmeric
This immunity booster has been around for the longest time as a dietary staple. However, the potential of turmeric is often underused. This substance is best known to treat cold, wounds and conditions related to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis courtesy of the higher Curcumin concentrations.
Besides lending colour to turmeric, Curcumin is a compound that can readily deal with muscle damage while pacifying inflammation and pain. Furthermore, several studies have shown that Curcumin also boasts of antiviral traits.
2. Citrus Fruits
Nothing boosts immunity better than vitamin C and what’s better than consuming a bowl of citrus fruits daily to maintain the recommended daily uptake value of 90mg. Although you can always purchase OTC chewable tablets to hit the daily goals, it is advisable to consume fruits like lemons, oranges, grapefruits, and more in higher quantities for maintaining requisite levels.
Vitamin C specifically builds immunity against cold, an extremely essential trait with the COVID-19 cases increasing at an alarming rate.
3. Garlic
Without a doubt, Garlic is one of the more powerful immunity boosters to bank on, especially when the infection-fighting potential is concerned. Certain studies have also shown the positive impact of garlic on lowering hypertension and blood pressure. Regular consumption of raw garlic is also known to avoid artery hardening.
It is Allicin, a sulphur-rich compound that renders the magical, immune-boosting traits to garlic. Most importantly, this entity is extremely easy to locate.
4. Ginger
Garlic is best complemented by ginger, especially if you are looking to build some immunity against the seasonal flu and cold. Ginger boasts of several anti-inflammatory capabilities. Besides that, it can also help if you have a sore throat or are feeling nauseated. Ginger also establishes a sense of holistic well-being as it can lower chronic pain in the body while keeping your cholesterol levels in check.
This natural substance features gingerol, a variant of capsaicin, best known for the host of medicinal and empowering properties on display.
5. Red Bell Peppers
While we always must consume green veggies like spinach, the inclusion of red bell peppers can readily spice up the flavours along with boosting immunity, cohesively. Firstly, red bell peppers contain high levels of Vitamin C as compared to a single serving of any citrus fruit.
Besides that, red bell peppers also contain adequate levels of Beta Carotene which helps the body with natural Vitamin A production, which is necessary for keeping the skin and eyes healthy.
Each one of the natural immunity boosters is easily accessible and doesn’t require a massive effort on your part to arrange. However, you need to consume them for an extensive period to explore each one of the aforementioned benefits.
While you can add the above-mentioned immunity boosters to your diet, you should simultaneously keep a track of your progress by undergoing full body checkup checkups. You can book an appointment at CDRP, just to oversee the immune response of the body to the changes you make to your diet and the changes that are happening in your environment. If you identify irregularities in health, Dr. Ratna Prakash Clinic also has the best treatment options for the concerned conditions.
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