Perfumes and colognes are aromas that men and ladies like to wear to be sexier. They can lift a state of mind, bring out affectionate recollections, or just allow you to smell decent. There are actually a huge number of various scents and colognes available today. Truth be told, wearable fragrances have turned into a multi-billion dollar business. Thanks largely, to new forms of marketing and new brands, more individuals are picking and wearing distinctive sorts of scent and cologne now than any other time in recent memory. That’s all well and good, but how will you decide which perfume is the best fit for you? Because it is a possibility that a perfume which is good on somebody else, isn’t good for you. Confused? Let us help.

Choose the base scent of the perfume:
Perfumes aren’t as simple as you might think, in reality, there is more to a perfume than just things that make it smell good. All perfumes and colognes, consist of different notes, and it is these notes that really set the foundation for the scent of the perfume. There are 3 layers of notes, namely, base, top, and middle, and all these layers combine together and work in harmony to actually create that good smell that makes you go all crazy for a brand. The distinction between men’s and women’s perfume is also on the basis of these scents and these notes. Most men’s perfumes are composed of masculine tones, like Musk scents or leather, while women’s perfume are usually along the lines of floral scents, such as rose, geranium, and gardenia.

Concentration of the perfume matters a lot:
Every bottle of perfume you buy, won’t have the same concentration of the actual perfume in it. The concentration of the perfume in its container, is what makes the perfume pricey. This means that the more the concentration, the higher the cost of the perfume. Additionally, the more concentrated a perfume is, the longer it will be effective. Determining the concentration of the perfume you are about to buy for yourself is key to buy a proper scent that is good for your body.

Test before you buy it:
Before you fork out substantial amount of money to buy a perfume, you need to make sure that it is the right perfume for you. To do so, your best bet is to test your preferred perfume. The first thing to do here, is to sniff the scent of the perfume off the bottle. This should be enough to give you an initial idea as to how good the perfume is. However, sometimes, especially when the investment is hefty, you should always double check before buying. WHY? Because our body reacts to scents and aromas in different ways. Something that smells good to you when you sniff it, might smells average to you when you smell it off your skin. In order to avoid this unwanted complication, it is a good idea to spray the perfume on your wrist and sniff the scent off it for proper consideration.

Don’t overdo it though:
It is important to sniff and test each perfume before you decide on buying it, however, don’t overdo it by testing lots of perfumes pretty close to each other, because they would all feel the same if you do so. To prevent this from happening, make sure you smell something else, something different, something neutral, like your shirt, or your unperfumed skin, to refresh your sense of smell so to speak.

How about a sampler set?:
Many perfume brands employ innovative market strategies to sell more, and one such strategy is providing sampler set. If you have eyes for a particular brand of perfumes, and the company that makes it, provides a sampler kit with it, it’s great news for you. This way, you can try on a bunch of different perfumes for a discounted price and get the most out of the deal.

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Misty Jhones