Lounge chairs are by far the most ideal definition of comfort when you neither want a sofa nor a bed for your home. These are the furniture ranges that give a stamp of royalty with its mind-blowing appeal and comfort.

But depending upon various places there have evolved various lounge chair designs that are ideal for different whereabouts.

Some of such designs are mentioned below:

For the Bedroom

Additional seating in the bedroom does not need to be extravagant but designer furniture is always welcomed no matter big or small. So, there are certain lounge chair designs that can ravishingly compliment the beauty of the bedroom.

Lounge chair design for the bedroom means furniture that has to be comfortable enough that it gives a cosy feeling on the chair like on the bed. So, you can pick lounge chairs that have tall backrests as tall backrests are less prone to create back pains.

It is also preferred to choose an upholstered lounge chair design as upholstery gives numerous colour options to pick and contrast. Also, it makes it comfy and ideal for the bedroom.

For the Pool

We all have seen how much people love to pool party as well as chill in the sunbath. So, there are lounge chair designs that are as cool as the aura.

These are forged out of wood as wooden furniture is amiable to the outdoor aura. White colour is said to be the most common in pool lounge chairs as it is soothing in the heat.

Moreover, wooden lounge chair designs for the pool have an elongated seat which allows one to rest completely with their legs stretched comfortably. To make it better you can put cushions on the backrest and seat.

So, it adds to the chilly feel in the outer aura.

Near the Fireplaces

The space near the fireplace is not just about the heat around it, but it is also about being the most elegant place in the abode. So, there are certain lounge chair designs that have a perfect match with stylish furniture for the stylish whereabouts.

These lounge chairs are generally made with leather upholstery as it is shiny and stylish. Also, it may not necessarily have a tall backrest, unlike other chairs.

Small backrest with a tufted seat and small armrests also make it restful for some hours of comfort. Moreover, if not leather then fabrics in grey are also said to be a blend with the aura of the fireplace.

Pairing two such lounge chair designs together and right in front of the fireplace gives a captivating look to the spot.

With the Sofa Set

Lounge chairs are known to be manipulated in so many styles such that these can even be contrasted with other furniture like a sofa. Low back lounge chair designs with colourful upholstery can make it contrasting furniture.

Tufted upholstery makes it comfortable and colourful combinations can help in being a good pair with the chesterfield sofas.

So, upholstered sofa chair designs help in embellishing the look of a subtle living room with its presence.

For the Outdoor

Wooden and knitted lounge chair designs are all that is needed if you are planning one for the outdoors. Knitted lounge chairs are with knits on the seat and the backrest that are surrounded by wooden frames.

Knitting allows a playful and colourful combination with several colourful strands that can be woven together. Thus giving colour options to choose from.

Wooden lounge chair designs, on the other hand, include chairs that are comfortable than even and colour choices over wood makes the furniture extraordinary for the outdoors.


These are some of the lounge chair designs that have been elaborated as per various places in the abode. Each of the lounge chairs has another mode of comfort while designs of all can leave anyone gaping.

So, choose the lounge chair design that makes the best for your place with the design ideas mentioned above.

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