Every Winner dreams about luxury life and the necessities of life all around. He may wish to travel in Top Brand Cars, Stay in 5 Star Hotels, Book air ticket to Lufthansa, Executive Seat in Rail Car, VIP Restaurants to Dine, Furnished Villa to spend a life. All is true, but you have to manage your KBC Jio Lottery Winnings (Hard Earned Money) and spend wisely. After winning a prize bond or lottery, people become more conscious and sticky to spending their money. As they think it was the last chance in their life to earn a bunch at once.

In KBC Lottery Winner Live Game 2020, you could get a chance to participate once in life probably, if your luck is with you. Most of the persons try again and again to get an opportunity to sit in the show. But they could not enter the show after so many struggles. Once you are selected to participate, try hard to win as much you can. Mega winner prize is worth 7 crores. Struggle to win that prize to spend whole life with ease.

When you have won the prize amount, pay applicable taxes, and the rest amount is up to you. How you spend the remaining amount defines the scope of your future. Either you spend the Lottery Money at once, or you make plans to secure your future also. Take Nice and Wise decisions. To guide you best to pay your Lottery Winnings, KBC Official Team, and previous seasons KBC Lottery Winners suggest you some excellent tips to follow on.

Spend Half, Save Half of your Lottery Amount

For the safest way to speed up your hard-earned millions net worth is to sock away all the raises and bonuses you get at once by your luck in the jackpot Show. Much behavioral finance research shows that too much deprivation now may cause you to trouble later on in your upcoming days of life. So, be cautious at the early stage and start your spending journey steady, as much you can afford. Jio Lottery Winner team also recommends you play safe and spend safely for a better life.

You should deposit some of your regular raises and bonuses in the right worth bank in your Area. 50% is an excellent ratio to accumulate and spend the rest. Rest could be paying your loans, buying a new house, or renovating the old one you have. Furthermore, you could start a new business or two businesses with a low budget at once. It’s important to celebrate your successes, is a famous quote, a well-known personality. So, follow his rule and celebrate with your loved ones, Wife, kids, or close friends. If you manage things as we have described so you can get to nearly three crore Indian Rupees in the short term by using this strategy, even assuming more gains are expected with your 7 crore INR KBC Jio Lottery Prize.

To be a JIO lottery winner and win 25 lacs, make sure you have enough knowledge to not fall for a trap of deception. If you receive any call or text confirming your lottery number, do not tell them the amount in any case. If you get any text asking for a registration fee or any cost to obtain the prize, do not entertain it as KBC does not charge any fee for purchase of lottery or give out the KBC JIO lottery winner prize. For the concerns of Indians, Kaun Banega Crorepati management has deployed dedicated staff in the pandemic situation of COVID-19 to assist your inquiries. Dial our helpline to get your answers.

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