Keep fit is really difficult with people in modern life due to a changing habit. We less work outside, on the farm, the factory, our generation spends 8-12 hours per day to take a sit before a screen in a somewhere office. The work forces us to have faster meals then fast food appears. All of these things make our health go down and also take our dream body to a very far away land; however, the vegetable comes in our life as a kind savior helps us to get a fit body.

1, Cabbage

Cabbage contains almost of water, the other is dietary fiber which contributes an important part in weight loss. A cabbage cup has only 17 calories and high in fiber which takes more energy to digest than the energy your body receives from it. Cabbage is also rich in vitamin C- a strong antioxidant that wipes the free radicals out and prevents many diseases. There are a lot of easy ways to cook cabbage so you never feel bored with it. Eating cabbage can prevent many infection conditions such as kidney infection, or Staph infection.

2, Beans

Keeping fit is a long hard process that is the combination of a healthy eating schedule and exercise. The best supplement for gym work or exercise is beans which contain a high amount of protein and also beans have every kind of protein like from the source of the animal. The dietary fiber found in beans is very useful for your weight control dream.

3, Carrots

Carrots have the precious characteristics to be the fitness food. Carrots contain a very low content of calories if you consume a cup of the rabbit’s best food; your body has to burn only 50 calories. Carrots also have its own weapon to burn fat tissue; this is vitamin A which exists everywhere in a carrot stick. A cup of carrots can provide 408 percents vitamin A that you need for a day. According to a research published in Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics in 2015, in our body, vitamin A becomes retinoid that may reduce your waist size. Eating carrots or drink carrots juice every day not only helps you get a fit body but also gives you a good vision due to a high vitamin A supplement.

4, Cucumber

The secret to have a fit body when eating cucumber is folic acid which stays almost in cucumber’s flesh. Folic acid helps the body to keep insulin level in stable condition so less fat storage appears because spiking or fast changing in insulin level can activate fat formation. Cucumber contains a lot of good nutrition but very low in calories which make it be a great kind of detox to have a nice body.

5, Onions

From the ancient time to modern life, onions are always the recommendation from the doctor to the obesity people. Onions have a variety of valuable oil and mineral that increase metabolism rate so the excess calories will burn out easily, it leads to no fat tissue formation.

6, Asparagus

Asparagus has all features of a good food for weight loss: a low content in calories, acid folic inside, a high amount of dietary fiber. Asparagus contains the soluble fiber which decreases the digestive rate in the stomach so it makes you feel full longer then you are free from craving and snack in a lengthy time. Acid folic suppress fat tissue forming which reduce the risk of belly fat.

7, Lettuce

Lettuce is not only the food for getting a perfect weight but also a healthy body. Lettuce contains a few calories, high in fiber and vitamin C which can reduce the stress that leads to fat storage in the belly.

8, Kale

One cup of kale has only 33 calories and with a low calories density like kale, you will quickly feel full before eating more food and this is the reason you should add kale in your diet menu.

9, Mushrooms

Mushrooms act as the control glucose blood substance which doesn’t
let any calories transform into fat warehouse in belly or any other parts in body. Mushrooms also supply many good proteins for your hard-working exercise.

10, Potatoes

The interesting thing of eating potatoes to put your weight down is you won’t be desire any foods after eating boiled potatoes because they contain tons of dietary fiber which make you feel rapidly full.

11, Peppers

Peppers have a lot of benefits for people; they are low in calories and have powerful sources of nutrition. Besides bringing the indispensable spice in dishes, peppers also have a great effect on weight loss and keeping fit. The spicy composition of peppers (capsaicin) creates large heat possibility, helps to burn the fat, burn more calories immediately after a meal. In addition, this material also raises the metabolism process in the body, makes a feeling of satiety and thus helps us lose weight effectively. When the body absorbs the spicy, will enhance brain activity, promote the nervous system, and help kidneys to secrete fluid. When the kidneys secrete fluid will burn fat, lead to this effect.

12, Broccoli

Eating the suitable foods makes weight loss so much easier, as long as your diet consists of lots of vegetables. Broccoli is one type of the top professional foods work best with weight loss. Broccoli contains a lot of fiber, vitamin C (a broccoli provides vitamin C 104g) and minerals should be very beneficial to the pressing weight, keep fit and help to improve your health. Not only that, they also offer low-calorie (104 g broccoli provides 50 calories only). Moreover, broccoli can build muscle and is very suitable for the gym. So, when eating vegetables, you not only feel full longer which the body longer offered enough power for activities.

13, Spinach

The love food of Popeyes has real power in keep shape with particularly low in calories but super high in the dietary fiber which frees people from the hedonic hunger. Hedonic hunger happens mostly in us every day and it forces us to have a snack that leads to excess calories then fat mass appears. Eating spinach in lunch time definitely helps us to enjoy a healthy afternoon due to no junk food.

14, Pickle

Pickle is one of the best foods that human being has through time. It has amazing taste then also quickly makes our stomach satisfy and we simply eat less than normal if we have the pickle in our meal so fewer calories intakes, more chance to get a perfect body.

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Faheem Jutt is a senior editor of US Updates; that a website which is specialized in providing natural home remedies, tips and also nutrition facts to improve the well-beings.