Last week, we compiled a list of the best medical journals for nurses and highly recommend you visit that blog post to read about some valuable nursing journals. This week we turn our focus to the top blogs for medical students.

The medical journal provides insights into the latest research, trends, and new advancements in various techniques and technology in the medical field. They are also a valuable outlet for medical students, scientists, physicians, and other healthcare professionals to have their research peer-reviewed and published.

The top 3 medical journals for medical students are:

The British Medical Journal (BMJ): This is one of the most renowned and oldest medical journals in the world. It is published weekly and is peer-reviewed. You can expect to find rare case studies and the latest well-researched medical articles backed by evidence. BMJ publishes a lot of content on clinical reviews along with the editors’ perspectives and supports evidence-based medicine. Student BMJ is an ideal medical journal for students and junior doctors for support throughout their journey from student to practicing physician.

New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM): NEJM is published by the Massachusetts Medical Society. It is also one of the oldest medical journals and is published on a weekly basis. It is known for publishing important breakthroughs in medications for curing several diseases. This peer-reviewed journal creates a massive impact on clinical medicine and is widely read by physicians, medical students, and other healthcare professionals for bridging the gap between clinical science and clinical practice.

The Lancet: The Lancet is also among the oldest and most renowned medical journals in the world and is considered one of the finest general medicine journals. It is a weekly peer-reviewed medical journal which publishes research & news articles, and reviews seminars, editorials, and books.

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