Lord Ganesha, also known as Vinakaya is one of the most preached Hindu deities around the world. Lord Ganesha is the god of wealth & prosperity. As Ganpati is believed to bring good luck to the people, therefore befores starting any new venture , people worship him. People believe that worshipping him can remove obstacles from one's life & therefore, evidently his statues can be found in almost every Hindu shrine. Regardless of the religion, he's worshipped across all cultures, and thus his sculptures are in high demand . So, here are the four most important things you should contemplate when placing Ganesh Idols for home.

The posture of the murti:

Lord Ganapati's Statue comes in innumerable stances, and each radiates an exceptional vibration for a different reason. By far the most acknowledged is the sitting position. In this, Lord Ganesha is seen sitting in a "Lalitasana" position which represents a profound state of meditation while keeping a watch over the home atmosphere. Other times, as opposed to having the two legs folded, we can find one leg positioning to the ground while the other leg resting on his Vahana (mooshak). It signifies he is worried about natural phenomenons and is here to help & evacuate deterrents. At the same time, contemplating a present where the two legs are collapsed makes an environment relaxed & calm. Besides this, it is an exceptional moment viewing Ganesh statue in the 'Abhanga' pose. Ganesha in this stance is a joy to watch. The standing posture connotes unbending nature & right attitude.

Where to place the murti:

Most of us don't know that there are innumerable areas at our home on whom one may put the Ganapati Murti to reap the vibrations of euphoria and success. Ideally, you should place the idol in the northeast position of the home. If some other idols are placed near then, it is advisable to shift Ganapati idol to the right side of other murtis if Ganesha's Idol is not in the central position of the mandir. Besides this, as per the Vastu guidelines, for the continuance of chakra One should make sure that Ganesha's Face is always facing the front of home and back facing towards the residence. So, one can keep ganesh murti at a place where one can worship the lord uninterruptedly like the Living area,Puja room but definitely not under a staircase.

Material Types of Ganesha Murtis:

Ganesha Murtis are made of different materials, and each should be treated differently. Here is a list of most commonly used materials with their significance.

Silver Ganesha:

A silver Ganesh statue brings fame and exposure for you. If you possess a silver Ganesh at your residence, then ensure it to place the same in the Northwest direction.

Copper Ganesha:

A copper Ganesha Idol in the home is accepted to be useful for the individuals who receive regular guests at home. It keeps negativity at bay, and one should keep him in the East or South direction.

Wood Ganesha:

Wooden Ganesha Idols attract long life, good health and success. Make sure you don't keep these statue's (including sandalwood Idols) in the southeast direction.

Brass Ganesha:

Ganesha murtis made of brass brings joy & happiness. Just make sure not to keep them in the upper east direction

The Position of the Trunk:

A Ganesha's trunk is a crucial part of Ganesha murtis. When buying a Ganesha murti, one should be very particular about it. The trunk is the most significant part of Ganesha's Idol. There are three principal styles: Sushumna, Dakshinmukhi & Vamamukhi murti.

The trunk on the Left Side:

A statue with a trunk posed to the left is supreme for those looking to place Ganesha's Idol at home. The left-sided trunk represents "Ida Nadi" which makes the entire atmosphere soothing and calm. So, For home purposes, One should buy a sitting Ganesha statue with a trunk touching his Sweet bowl (laddu).

The trunk on the Right Side:

Ganesha's trunk posed on the right side is seen in the temple's all around the world. Ganesh Idol in this position requires daily rituals without any discontinuation.A halt in regime can lead to severe harm in one's life. People believe that if worshipped correctly, this idol can give tremendous results in one's life.

Trunk Facing Straight Forward:

It connotes the opening of Sushumna Nadi. Such symbols are rare and unique. This idol represents enlightenment and imparts a message to the universe that kundalini shakti has reached its peak potential.


Now that you've decided to seek Lord Ganesha's blessings by bringing an idol of the obstacle-removing deity into your home/office, there are few things to keep in mind. Since Lord Ganesha is adored as a sattvic deity, it is advisable to maintain a pure environment to pray religiously, make prasad of Modak & Laddu and to avoid the consumption of non-veg food. Following these guidelines is a sure way to bring prosperity and calmness in your life.

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