Influence of technological development has totally changed our lives, especially in previous decade. This technological development has also affected education, which is, indeed, the basic constituent of a successful human being the fact that there are few exceptional cases. However, apart from the latest learning techniques that technology did bring in our society, the revolution of technology has done its noticeable in making the management of educational institutions much simpler, that too in an unprecedented way. The major method for such a simplification is the use of a web based school management software or school ERP systems, which would possibly help the school management in tremendously increasing the pace of management of an educational institutions. Actually, web based school management software is an integrated set of software modules and another parts for simplifying the management of an educational institutions. Here, I would like to share top five advantages of using school management software with you all. I hope that these five reasons are enough for forcing every school management to implement this useful technology in there institutions, and hence to make it awesome.

* Quick, Quick, and Quick

Unlike you expect, web based school management software can massively quicken the management process in matter of seconds. However, you might have to wait for a little time period for implementing the tool in you school, you can increase the speed of managing the school never like before. For example, if you want to get student’s attendance, you do not have to search all the attendance registers but just to sign in onto the dashboard of the school management software to get all the necessary information whenever required. In additional, as you know, there are some filtering functions in each of there web based school management software and you’ll have no trouble in getting the particular data you want.

* Easily Retrievable

When you are using a web based school management software, all your information will be organized in a structured way so that you would have no time in accessing it. Apart from quickness, which we have already mentioned in above section, one of the main advantages is the accessibility through different devices. For example, if you want to enter attendance of the students directly, you can use any dedicated application along with a mobile computing devices that making use of old functions of attendance marking. No doubt, the accessibility through smart phones and tablet PCs is something awesome.

* Cost Effective

When compared to the cost of buying millions of A4 size sheets, numbers of registers as well as other kinds of paper for managing the office records, implementation of School management software is a cost effective as well. Unlike the older method, you do not have to refill inks or A4 size sheets, but just to maintain factors such as web connectivity and electricity. As you can guess, instead of spending tens of thousands in every month, you will have to spend thousands only. This means that not only large schools but also small schools could also implement school ERP system if they prefer this way to the rest. Cloud’s money and environment saving feature is one of major reasons why cloud computing is booming.

* Accessibility at your finger-tips

Apart from the authority sections, some school management software also facilitates communication platforms in them. For example, you can use the same school ERP for contacting with students, guardians and school staffs though different methods like Email, SMS, etc. Also, if you can manage a web based portal for students along with the school management software, things will be quite easier, as you would have no trouble in letting students and parents the important information about events of your educational institutions. In addition, through this way, you can cut off the communication charges as well.

* Data Security

Can you Trust the Cloud? This is a common question which every school asks each other. But you should know Cloud is as secure as your Bank account. When compared with the older methods of the information knowledge, use of web based school management software makes enough sense. Instead of storing data in the methods, which are sensitive towards physical troubles such as flood, Fire, etc., all the information is stored in web server with high-level encryption. This not only provides the security of your data but also helps in enhancing the accessibility of your data. And, I hope that you know servers have their backup systems as well as other functions to provide security for your information. I hope that the security of data is something inevitable.

So, what is your opinion on these Web based school management software? Couldn’t they change the way we manage our schools? Do let us know your view through comments.

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Hey Guys i am Soniya Singh and i am a software developer in IFCON Technologies. Recently, i have developed an ERP system for all the educational institutions. IFCON School Pro is web based school management software developed in PHP, which helps you to manage your school or college institutions more efficiently. This application covers all aspects of an educational institutions starting from admissions to alumni.

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