As the old adage goes, you are what you eat. And interestingly, it shows in your teeth.

Of course, some foods and beverages can cause serious damage to your teeth. For instance, every time you eat a sugary treat and you forget to floss or brush, the sugars trigger the bacteria in the mouth to release toxic substances that attack the enamel. When our tooth's enamel becomes worn out, cavities may develop, causing damage. This article is written with the help of Dr. R. David Remaley At Roswell Dental Care - Atlanta Dentist.

Now, you can always prevent cavities from wreaking havoc to your oral health. Aside from brushing regularly, be sure to limit your intake of the following foods:

1. Bread
Before you go to the market and buy bread, think twice. Whenever chew it, the enzymes in your mouth break down the starches and convert them into sugar. If you practice poor oral hygiene, chances are these sugars will stick to the gaps between your teeth, causing cavities. But that doesn’t mean you have to completely ban breads in your kitchen. If you wish to satisfy your cravings for carbs, opt for whole wheat bread as it has lesser sugar compared to ordinary breads.

2. Carbonated Drinks
Carbonated drinks and beverages allow plaque to create more acid that wears out your tooth's enamel. That means that if you drink soda regularly, you are like coating your teeth with acid. Not to mention, it may cause your mouth to dry out. So, just to be safe, steer clear from any carbonated drinks. Rather, opt for water. After all, it's healthier!

3. Sour Candies
Well, we all know candies are bad for our oral health. But did you know that the sour varieties are way more harmful than the sweet ones? The explanation behind that is sour candies contain lots of acid that your teeth might not be able to tolerate. And since they are chewy, they might stick to the teeth longer, hence causing damage. If you wish to eat candies, grab some chocolate bars instead. They can be quickly washed away with water.

4. Ice
Pretty surprising, huh? Believe it or not, ice is one major culprit for teeth damage. While it does not contain chemicals and sugar, chewing hard substances like ice may make you vulnerable to various dental emergencies like cracked and broken teeth. So, even if it is tempting to chew on it, try to resist the urge. If you truly wish to satisfy your thirst, drink chilled beverages instead.

5. Dried Fruits
At first, you will think that dried fruits are healthy snacks. It may be true at times, but take note that most dried fruits are sticky and sweet. Chances are, they could get stuck in the crevices of your teeth, leaving all those sugar stuck. If you are really fond of eating dried fruits, make it a habit to drink lots of water. And don't forget to brush afterwards.

Cavities and plaque can be very annoying. They can even cause you so much pain. But by making wise decisions in your food choices, you can keep your oral health at its best possible state.

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