SNK is a successful Japanese game developer’s company that made hundreds of arcade games, although all are successful. Arcade games have been exciting from our childhood, and with the evolution of time, they evolved too. They made our childhood fun and even the days of teenagers. Some have the joy of SNK games right now (I am also one of them, Shhh!)

Among all the arcade games, the most popular and exciting games are given below.


Athena is a platform arcade game launched by SNK in 1986, also known as Athena’s wonderland world. This game includes many stages, including world of worlds, world of Hell, world of forests, world of sea, and world of sky-world, etc. Each stage is more complicated than the previous one.

This game is about a young girl Athena who lives in a luxurious palace with her parents, but she is bored because of the monotonous life she has been living for years in a castle. Neither she can go outside, nor can she invite her friends. To get rid of this life, she manages to escape the kingdom and reaches a land ruled by a cruel Empire. She finds weapons, survive her terror, and tries to reach her home safely.

Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug 3 is the sequence of Metal Slug 2, followed by Metal Slug 1. An enjoyable Run and gun arcade game. This game was developed by the Neo-Geo Arcade platform. After the ending of Metal Slug 2, Law and peace started ruling the world but as soon General Morden was brought back into power, he attempted a blow against the State to take the rule of the world again, but the government prevented this blow with the help of Marco and Tarma. They look for General Morden, but his followers declared him missing, but it is a lie. He is hiding somewhere in the world where they can’t find him. Marco and Tarma try to eliminate all rebel strongholds to bring peace again.

The last blade 2

The Last Blade 2 is the sequel of Last Blade 21 released in 1998 in Japan. The Last Blade 2 was considered as the last part of the Last Blade series, but SNK confirmed that the third part will come very soon. A drama series is also available on the Last Blade.

Million of years before, when there was no life, the concept of death was also no available. But when life started with the birth of messenger of afar, death also came with living. Orders were given to seal demise behind the gate of Hell, but it couldn’t happen.

To seal death, Genbu was also searching the center of the world to eliminate the things from where it started, but he couldn’t do that.

King of Fighters

The most popular SNK game series in the world played an important role in SNK’s success. Personally speaking, this game has been one of the addictive games of my life in childhood and teenage. The reason for its success is a large number of characters and different abilities of all personalities. When the first part of this game was released in 1994, it became so popular that SNK released new chapters of this game every year with bug fixes and improved graphics.

SNK released a full 3D version of this game in 2004, and gamer's love it. There are various tournaments of this game held worldwide, and the winner earns a high cash price.


Windjammer is a 2P game released in 1994 by SNK. Following the gameplay, this game is also known as a flying power disc in japan. Two players play against each other in a small area separated by a net at the center. The objective is to goal the flying disc on the opponent’s side, which scores higher wins. Every character has different tricks to throw the disc to deceive the opponent.

There are six different stadiums or places where matches are held. You can choose an arena yourself.

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