Building and maintaining a good credit score is important for a lot of reasons. It allows you access to products such as loans, better interest rates and good credit cards too. However, we know that life happens, and your credit score can go bad for it.

That is not the end of the world though. Even though there is no overnight fix to this, you can apply these six simple tips on how to fix your bad credit score and get back on track in no time.

1. Know Your Credit Score

You know your credit score is bad, but how bad is it?
The first thing you should do when planning to fix your bad credit is to get your current credit score. Know where you stand and use that to inform yourself of how far you have to go in making things right again.

2. Pay Bills on Time

This looks like an obvious one but it is the most recommended by top financial advisors. Your credit score is usually largely affected by how far back on your payments you usually are before they come in.
When you start making these payments on time, your credit score starts getting better for it.

3. Use autopay and payment reminders

We know we just told you to pay your bills on time but you could need some help with that. We recommend that you set up reminders for paying certain bills at different times of the month.

These payments should come as early as possible. Else, the aim of setting up those reminders would be defeated.
One other recommendation is asking your payment service if they have an autopay system in place. That sends in your payments automatically at the end of each month/ specified timeframe.

4. Keep off bigger spending

Do you really need that new car? Is that home renovation/ expansion something you can’t put off for later? Sometimes, what that loan you are taking out will cost you in interest and credit score is not worth it. You would see this too, only if you took out the time to do the math.

Rather, you could work on getting a better credit score to access better interest rates.

5. Pay your debts

This is a no-brainer as no one likes to be in debt. However, we know that if it was easy to stay off debt, no one would be in it.

This is not a blame game. It is telling you how better you and your credit score would be for it if you paid off all those debts as fast as you can.

6. Use soft credit checks

Taking out a loan could leave a lasting impact on your credit score. That is especially true when the lender performs a hard credit check on you. Opting for a soft credit check would however ensure you don’t run any risk of impacting your credit score negatively.

Of course, you will have to qualify for this.

Like we have earlier mentioned, getting your credit score back on track is not a one-day job. There are a ton of promises that offer a quick fix to your credit score. More often than not, these would backfire in the end.
Taking to the six tips above and working diligently to reduce your overall spending while fulfilling your obligations to bills and debts, you will be staring back at an impressive credit score soonest.

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