Although the entire world is paralysed under the effects of COVID 19, but the quarterly financial results of tech industry reveals that organisations offering Cloud Computing Services are not just surviving but making profits as well. Last two months have been clear hint for the IT professionals who wish to sustain in the cloud domain that it is high time they should attend a cloud computing training course to enhance their cloud computing skills. Top Cloud computing skills that can fetch the best jobs of the industry are:

Cloud Programming Skills
Cloud programming or coding is one of the most popular skill. Programmers can create, host, and execute applications that can rise up much faster on the cloud platform due to its huge capacity. The languages that are a part of the cloud ecosystem are Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP, Java, and .NET.

Database Language Skills
Organisations around the world need skilled professionals to to manage, store, and access data flooded on the cloud platform. SQL is the most common database language used in the industry. It will be also wise to invest in learning Hadoop, MySQL, or MongoDB.

Developmental Operations (DevOps) which manages the entire software lifecycle, is also getting popular in the field of cloud computing. Building applications on the cloud need DevOps support right from the beginning.

Cloud Computing Certifications
Various Cloud Platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure offer different role based certifications. These certifications are validation of a professionals expertises in the latest skills and knowledge in a particular cloud computing domain. Thus, Certified professionals are always in demand.

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