French cuisines are delicious with all their flavors and sophisticated décor. Mostly, the introduction of French cuisine means wine and cheese for the people. But there is much more on the bucket list. A wide array of foods are available under the French cuisines presenting the cooking talents of the French chefs. The rich, natural flavors of the cuisines attract food lovers worldwide. Various French gourmet burgers and pastries also come under the casual French cuisines. However, not to lost in the vast arena of French foods, this article describes some of the popular French dishes. You can try this while loitering around the beaches in Miami.

French Apple Tart: Tart is one of the popular types of French dishes. French Apple tart is an easy recipe for snacks craving time. You can find many useful recipes online for this desert. Consider it as an appetizer, while having various gourmet burgers and pastries in Miami.
The Classic Nicoise: The Nicoise can be a healthy yet tasty option for you. This is a traditional French salad with a natural flavor. The recipe includes tuna, potatoes, egg, olives, green beans, lettuce, fresh tomatoes, etc.
The Lobster Bisque: When it comes to French cuisine Lobster Bisque soup is the first choice for many. It is a traditional French dish with a creamy layer on it. If you are looking for a light meal in the middle of the afternoon, this is the best option for you. This dish has lobsters dipped into a delicious broth. You can have it with gourmet burgers & pastries in Miami.

Ratatouille: This is a bliss for the veggie-lovers. Ratatouille is a mouth-watering French dish comprising of eggplants and other shallow-fried veggies. The eggplants are specially cooked until it gets tender. You can have it with red wine and fresh bread.

French Spinach Soufflé: Soufflé is usually a tough dish to cook. However, you can try spinach soufflé at first. This is a well-known French dish comprising of spinach, cheese, egg, etc. Chopped spinach is mixed with flour, egg mix, and other ingredients.

Coq au Vin: This is a classic non-vegetarian French dish. The term “Coq au Vin” means “rooster in wine”. This is a useful way to cook the meat of an old bird. This is a perfect combination of meat and vegetable. The cooking style is not tough. However, the process takes a long time.

Confit de canard: It is a good choice for casual French cuisine in North Miami. Confit de canard is considered to be one of the finest French dishes. It is usually made of duck meat. Anyways, some chefs use pork or goose in it. The age-old preservation techniques are used here. The chefs cook the ingredients slowly to enhance the taste of the dish. This is a healthy process of cooking as it does not require much oil. The meat is cooked within its fat.

Flamiche: This popular French dish has a crunchy crust filled with cheese and vegetables. Different variations are available in terms of filling. Flemiche is also available in the pizza version. That version comes without the crust on the top. The word “flemiche” means cake in the Flemish language.

Boeuf Bourguignon: It is a typical French dish having lots of similarities with Coq au Vin. It is a delicious stew including red wine, beef broth, and lots of seasoned veggies. The wine in it makes the meat tender and tasty.

Cassoulet: It is a palatable combination of beans and meat. Usually, the chefs use pork meat or duck meat to prepare this dish. The name of the dish is originated from the pot or “cassole” in which it is baked.

Soupe a I’oignon: The main ingredients of this traditional French soup are onion and beef stock. The soup often has croutons and melted cheese on top. A beautiful taste comes out when the onions in it get caramelized.

In different areas of Miami, such French cuisines are easily available. Along with that, you can also try gourmet burgers and pastries in Miami, Florida. So, give your taste buds a delicious surprise with these items.

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