When you’re in a live escape room, there are usually lots of things you wish you’d known beforehand. We have put together a list of the ten most useful things you should consider before attending your escape room visit. Hopefully, this will you and your team to make the most from your visit.

10 Ways to Ensure Your Escape Room Visit is a Complete Success

1) Don’t play at full capacity. If you involve a large team in your escape room visit, chances are that things will become overcrowded and confusing reasonably quickly. For the best chances of success, be sure not to bring along too many people.

2) Choose your team beforehand. If you’re attending a private escape room, put some thought into your unit before you head out. After all, a family with young kids would probably totally clash with a group of young people in their twenties.

3) Listen carefully to your team. Your team may suggest some strange things when trying to solve the puzzles. However, they may work! Consider all suggestions, no matter how unorthodox. They can add a whole new element of fun to your escape room visit.

4) Allocate your team evenly. Don’t have each member of your team working on one thing at a time. Instead, separate them into individual tasks, working on the most difficult one first. Nothing is worse when you’re trying to crack an intricate puzzle with limited time.

5) Stay organised from start to finish. You and your team have a much better chance of beating the challenge quicker if you keep all related objects together. Doing this also makes beating the escape room easier.

6) Leave keys in locks. If you’ve already used a key, leave it in the lock. It probably won’t be needed again. As well as saving you from fumbling around, it helps save time having to look through masses of keys. Some keys may be required more than once, however.

7) Always listen to the host. Listen to everything your host tells you. Time can be saved, and the escape room will probably be easier to solve. If you’re stuck, your host can offer hints or tips but don’t over-rely on them as it defeats the objective of the game.

8) Leave no area un-turned. You and your team will need to check every square inch of the room. After all, objects can crop up anywhere. Look behind cabinets, ledges high up the wall or even in coat pockets. You never know where you will find the clues hidden!

9) Keep your team safe. Most clues are worth pursuing, but some are not. Messing with ceiling tiles can waste time and are also a potential safety hazard. Don’t investigate them unless told otherwise.

10) One of the few objects you are allowed in an escape room is a wristwatch. They are vital to most escape rooms, as most do not feature a clock. Some watches even have an in-built torch which are useful for illuminating locks in dimly lit rooms.

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