Many of your big and small decisions are working to get you where you are today. So, your future depends on the decision you make today. That the future can be peaceful, it can be regrettable. But we do not want to live with regret.

What are regrets: Suppose you go to your friend's wedding party on the train tonight. It took exactly one hour to get to the station from home. But you could not reach the station on time as there was a lot of traffic jam. The train left you and started the journey. At this time, do you think that you would not have missed your friend's wedding if you had left home 30 minutes earlier? The name of this feeling is regret. Regret is the feeling when we think our current situation could be better if we had a different job or decision in the past.
That means it needs two things to regret.
1. Making the wrong decision.
2. Imagination.

Yes, you need to imagine feeling remorse. Your mind will go back to the time you made the wrong decision and make the right decision in your imagination, then keep thinking about how that decision would affect your current situation. And the sharper your imagination, the sharper your regrets will be. Therefore, it is more difficult not to catch the train for 2 minutes than to catch it for 20 minutes. Because it's relatively easy to imagine these 2 minutes differently.

It is said that the greatest fear of man is not death, but death with grief. Grief can slowly take the form of depression. Now the question is, how to stay away from this regret?

There are 6 ways to stay away from regrets:
Learn to forgive yourself:

We all make mistakes. But very few people can forget those mistakes. It is normal to make mistakes. But it is not normal for him to keep blaming himself day after day. The more you carry your guilt, the more your grief grows. So. learn to forgive yourself. Take a deep breath and say to yourself that I have forgiven myself for all my mistakes.

Take a moment and think. Are you the same now as you were then? The experience of this mistake has changed you a little. You understand your mistakes with only an experienced and only wise people can catch their own mistakes. This realization has largely made you a different person. So, there is no point in hurting you now for what the previous man did.

Remember this no one is perfect:

‘Wrong’ is an integral part of human life. Mistakes help us grow, help us learn new things. Mistakes help us develop new and better personalities. Trying to improve yourself and trying to perfect yourself are two different things. No human can be perfect. The one thing you think is your role model has also come to today's place through many trials and errors. Our goal should be to become a better, better person every day than just yesterday. If you hope to be perfect, regrets will come and catch you at every step.

Learn from mistakes:

The next step in forgiving yourself is to learn from your mistakes. Ask yourself what did you learn from this experience? What does this experience mean to you? Should You Do Anything More? Or should there be any effort to reduce it? What if you don't make this mistake again? Life's hardest experiences always teach us something. If you can learn something from one experience and apply that learning to the next experience, that will be your reason. Only then can you live a life without regrets.

Never forget your dreams:

A statistic of 100 elderly people in a hospital shows that the biggest regret in the lives of almost all of them is not doing anything wrong, but not being able to do anything special, not trying to fulfill any dream, any aspiration. Life does not mean just monotonous work all week, a tired Friday, and waiting for that special ‘one day’ to fulfill your dreams. If you want to be happy you must try it. Let that effort begin today. If you wait for the right time, that right time will never come.

When an airplane is on the ground, it loses performance quickly. But when that plane flies in the sky, it is relatively less likely to crash. Because the plane was preparing to fly in the sky. Lying on the ground is not his job. People are just like that.

Every human being has a special ability. Maybe you can draw wonderful pictures. Or maybe you can sing very well. Use your special qualities and turn your skills into your profession. That is your full benefit. You will also get happiness by doing things that make you feel good, and if you work with happiness, you will have more chances of success. It is never too late to make the right decision. So, follow your ideas without being bound by age and choose the work that suits you accordingly today. Otherwise, you may have to face a lot of ‘ifs’ in the last days of life.

Stop regretting with regret:

Forbidding you to regret again and again does not mean that it is wrong to have grief. Rather, it is our instinct to regret a mistake as much as to make a mistake. The job of a special part of our brain is to create guilt in us. Which we call conscience in ‘unscientific’ language. And in the words of scientists, some people do not feel remorse even after making a wrong decision owing to a problem with the cortex of the brain. If you want to live like a normal pleasant person, you don't have to live without regrets. But you must learn to overcome grief and survive. Proceed without letting the regret of a limited time turn into a lifelong regret. A new day is waiting for you.

Many have their own way of keeping grief at bay. Have you ever done anything special to mitigate your grief? Share your experience with us in the comments. Maybe someone else will use your idea!

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