The warm summer air has people a way of getting people outdoors and opening up tons of opportunities to eat healthily Here are some ways you can shape up this summer:

• Drink more water. All the heat and humidity can cause you to become dehydrated easily. Be sure to fill up on water before you eat something in case that rumbly in your tumbly is actually dehydration.

• Eat more water-rich, raw foods. It's no coincidence that summer-time is when Mother Nature provides us with an abundance of greens, fresh fruit, and vegetables. Snack on some raw fruit for more fiber, some extra hydration, and to whittle your waist!

• Get outdoors. One of the reasons summer is my favorite is because no one seems to be at the gym! The weather is perfect for going camping, kayaking, canoeing, walking, biking, and just about anything else outdoors. Take your yoga mat outside to soak up some rays during your sun salutations.

• Limit your to-do list. It's easy to get side-tracked in summer because there's so much energy out there. Make sure you have the priorities down, like picking the kids up from camp, but leave some wiggle room for play time and sunshine.

• Connect with nature. Schools have it right: summer is the perfect time for a vacation and a break from all that work! If you're feeling stressed out at work, take some time off to go for a walk or to visit a nature reserve. The environment will make you calm and serene and will leave you feeling grounded. Balance is an integral part of weight loss.

• Learn to say "NO!" You're asked to 3 different July 4th BBQs- which one do you go to? Simple answer: whichever one will make you the happiest during your time there. Don't accept invitations for dinners, BBQs, or any other type of get-together when you're crunched for time or when you don't particularly care to spend time with those people. It's OK to decline an invitation when it means that you get to spend more time on someone really important: YOU!

Like I tell my clients and students, weight loss isn't just about food and exercise. It's about relationships too. You have a relationship with yourself, the people around you, the world around you, and even the food you eat! Food is the most intimate relationship you'll ever have, besides the one you have with yourself. Be sure to put some emphasis on improving relationships this summer, in addition to working out and eating well.

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