Toronto To Niagara Falls Half-Day Private Trip

Tour Niagara Falls in 5 to 6 hours if you have less time due to various personal or professional reasons. Custom select the places that you want to see because of time constraints — plan Toronto to Niagara Falls half day private trip for unlimited fun with limited time.

The Niagara Falls half day private trip would be the right choice for those who cannot spend much time or full day at the Niagara region because of certain constraints.

The Toronto to Niagara Falls half day private trip is for people who are from Toronto and cannot spend an entire day for sightseeing at the Niagara region. This trip is suitable for specific people for the following reasons:

• Tourists or people who are on a layover because of air travel taking a long break and need to catch a connecting flight.

• Tourists having less time and want to see Niagara Falls because of time constraints.

Families with newborn babies or small children who cannot stay active throughout the day on a 10-hour trip to and fro.

• People who want to visit places that are not a part of the tour operator’s itinerary.

• A businessman who has less time for a full day trip, but can only custom select a few right places to visit apart from seeing the Niagara Falls.

What You Get from the Best Tour Agency

• Up to 6 hours, the best tour operator would arrange a 4-passenger tour vehicle with a tour guide cum driver.

• Booking a half-day trip online is always easy, fast, very secure and safe.

• Pickup and drop off will be provided by the tour operator from many destinations of Toronto like airport hotels, downtown hotels or highway hotels, etc.

• Tour the scenic wonder of the world in a luxury vehicle provided by the best tour operator for a half-day trip by selecting your favourite places to visit.

• Unlimited bottled mineral water shall be provided throughout the trip by the tour operator to all tourists.

Responsibility Of Tourists & Tour Agency

• As a tourist, you would be responsible for arriving on time for your Niagara Falls half day trip. Tour operator is not liable if you miss out on catching the pickup vehicle and your miss is deemed as cancelled and in such cases, no refund will be processed to you.

• The tour operator shall be liable to refund the full amount of your ticket when the trip gets cancelled due to inclement weather.

• Many good tour agencies allow you to reschedule your trip free of cost to another date of your choice.

• Few good tour operators allow you to switch your trip a less expensive one free of cost and shall refund the difference or balance amount to you.

• If your vehicle breaks down while on the journey to the Falls, the tour operator makes sure to provide you with another vehicle else refund the amount of your trip cost.

The contents mentioned above are the highlights of the Toronto to Niagara Falls half day private trip. You may book your trip now with the best tour operator.

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