Get ready, get set and go for ultimate, simple weight loss by following these 7 easy steps that will change your life. While each of these steps is a valuable step in the right direction on their own, together they form a powerful, reinforcing circle that will help bring about the weight loss change that’s wanted.

Consult your doctor

Before changing anything too drastically in your lifestyle, you must consult your doctor. He’ll be able to offer valuable advice, recommend natural supplements, and more importantly, he or she will tell you where you stand, health-wise. This will give you a good base from which to start, to quantify your enjoyment and success, so to speak! Moreover, your doctor will also let you know, depending on your physical condition, if there are certain exercises or activities that you should not be doing.

Establish a Meal Plan

A meal plan does not mean that you are going on a diet, although it may feel like it at the beginning. Just decide, at the beginning of each week, what you’ll be eating, and shop according to your master plan! This will reduce the amount of impulse buys you make, hopefully to zero. Impulse buys are usually unhealthy, pre-packaged snacks, which you’ll need to avoid to reach your goals.

Clean out the Pantry

Those dear cupboards and pantry, filled with unhealthy snacks … no more! Harden your heart, and clean out your pantry of everything that’s not good for you, mostly snacks. Of course, keep some snacks, but make sure that they are the healthy choice types, such as low fat ice cream, or dark chocolate.

Establish an exercise Regimen

You’ll lose weight by eating right, but to achieve your goals faster and more consistently, consider some mild to moderate exercise. This will have excellent results, especially if you’re a real couch potato now! Now only will you lose weight, but you’ll start enjoying new and different things, and being active could very well be an end in itself!

Tell everyone about your goal

Now’s the time for a little peer pressure! To keep you motivated, nothing beats telling everyone and anyone about your current weight loss efforts and goals. Your friends and family will stay on your case, and you won’t want to disappoint them – and you – by failing.

Drink lots of water

Drinking a lot of water is a well-known weight loss secret! Not only will drinking a proper amount of water help with your general health and prevent dehydration, drinking water before meals will make you feel fuller, faster, so you eat less. Over the long run, a single 8-ounce glass of water before meals could be worth a few pounds at the end of the year!

Keep a Weight Loss Journal

I talked before about consulting your doctor to allow you to quantify your enjoyment. I would suggest, in the same line of thought, that you keep a journal specifically dedicated to your weight loss efforts. Knowing where you stand, where you come from, and ultimately, where you are going is a tremendous health to any effort that is meant to be long term. Whenever you feel down, binge, or are discouraged, consult your journal and see for yourself the progress you’ve made.

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