Planning to attend any international CME conferences in New York State. eMedEvents, has the most comprehensive online database for medical conferences, about 160, CME medical events are scheduled for the year 2018-2019 with a wide variety of specialties to choose from. Why not plan an adventure filled holiday along with the medical conference.

Did you know that New York State and the city are named after the ‘Duke of York’ the future King James II of England? Its state capital is Albany, while New York City is considered the world’s most economically powerful city.

You might want to skip the idea of renting a car in New York City but you can rent them for Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Albany, and Syracuse. As it’s really difficult to find a parking spot in NYC.

When opting for NYCTA consider investing in MetroCard- it’s a good way to save money.

If you are planning to coordinate medical conference with a family trip to New York State then consider April to June or August to October as the weather is pleasant and there are several outdoor activities a family will enjoy, just don’t forget to carry a jacket with you.

Bon Appétit
New York State has an amazing line-up of places to eat and we highly recommend you to check out the blog on New York City for more unique food flavors

Swan Market - Rochester
Jim's on Main - Rochester
Han Noodle Bar - Rochester
Hutch's - Buffalo
Fat Bob's Smokehouse - Buffalo
The Left Bank - Buffalo
X2O Xaviars on the Hudson - Yonkers
La Lanterna - Yonkers
Louie & Johnnie's - Yonkers
Athos Restaurant - Albany
Iron Gate Café - Albany
Pastabilities - Syracuse
Darwin On Clinton - Syracuse

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Let the Party Begin
Check out the best nightclubs and cocktail places to visit, see the list below:

Electric Room - NYC
PH-D at Dream Downtown - NYC
Nublu - NYC
Marquee - NYC
Underground Niteclub - Buffalo
Club Marcella - Buffalo

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Retail Therapy
Shopper’s paradise is on Madison Avenue and a few of the malls we would recommend are:

Sak’s Fifth Avenue - New York City
Macy’s - New York City
Barney’s - New York City
Bloomingdale’s - New York City
Speaker Shop Inc - Buffalo
The Marketplace Mall - Rochester

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