A well organised kitchen is essential for every home. Kitchen of all home requires special treatment as it is one active room with fast moving of food and life in most part of the day. The small kitchen design we choose should preference add colour and principles of art to the house along with being family-friendly room used for cooking.

These are the ideas to treat your modular kitchen as trendy

1.Dazzling grandeur

Entrance of this kitchen is integrated by radiant tiles on the wall, shine of red lacquered backsplash and black brightness on island and on the cupboard behind it. All décor here is subtle by white on the cupboards and countertop and chairs near the island. All combines together to create it a brilliant space to calm with the family when cooking.

2.Bright and blue

Blue is a comforting colour to select it as the colour for your modern kitchen, it could be a best choice because of the cool quotient which is related with heat and fire. In mixing with white it shines up the space.

​3. In the shape of U

U is the approved shape in kitchen for the family who affection to joining for cooking. The three ways counter accelerated towards the wall and centre portion open, it makes more than sufficient space for more than one person to effort here. Large tiles on the walls will create the support easy and smart.

​4. Functionally convenient

A big cupboards, drawers of particular size, wall cupboards and convenient corner cabinet; the style of this L-shaped kitchen is in its performance and convenient to work in. Of course the interesting colour of the cupboards and subway tiles on the wall is an extra decoration in this marvelous kitchen.

5. Simplicity of wood

The kitchen managed by wooden cupboards and wooden dining table is clean and most beautiful. Steel handles provides sturdiness to the cupboards and the steel and glass cupboards bear in delicate comparison into the space.

6. Design of the tiles

Commonly we are so absorbed in choosing the perfect cupboards, wall tiles with colours to be used in the small kitchen that we bear to forget the floor tiles and the fact that is a few bit of new style can also be joined through it. In addition the convenience of U-shaped kitchen, it’s the architect tiles on the floor which soon grabs the thinking in this kitchen.

7.Wooden with printed accent

Wooden textured cupboards in two particular shades top and below the L -shaped counter and strides of block in plain white. The style of this kitchen is in its wholeness in diversity. Particular shades, texture and prints together to make an amazing space.

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