For people who are losing hair, there is nothing worse in their lives. Their old friends begin to call them ‘baldy’ or ‘old man’ and they stop receiving invitations to parties. Now, they can bid goodbye to their problems by having a hair transplant. This is the ultimate cure for baldness but there are many other treatments as well. People choose treatment for hair loss because they are cheaper than the hair transplant and they are faster. In most cases of mild baldness, this is all that is required.

Action at the Hair Clinic

First thing that is done is to investigate if new hair growth is possible using new growth methods. Bald people have witnessed new hair growth in situations they thought impossible. That is why the Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi guarantees you 25 years of hair growth after a hair transplant. But, first, let us take a look at the other treatments possible for improving hair growth.

Derma Roller treatment: This is a popular treatment because it is fast and effective. A roller with spikes is rolled on the scalp. In the process, the nutrients in the roller are sent into the scalp. This is a carefully monitored process and the nutrients help new hair to grow. This process will be done two to three times in the course of four or five months. The reason for this delay is that hair grows slowly and only when we can see the results, we should apply new medication.

PRP Method: This is another popular method. Here, protein-rich plasma (PRP) is injected from growth-rich regions on the scalp (such as the back of the head) to those bald areas. This PRP stimulates new hair growth because it is rich in growth hormones.

Laser treatment: The laser treatment is non-invasive and gives good results. Here a laser beam is passed over the scalp. This method is useful for those who are losing a little hair but are not completely bald. The laser beam stimulates new growth of hair.

Hair transplant techniques

We see more than one method of removing hair follicles. Hair is removed from the donor site (self or friend) and transplanted to the recipient site (bald patch).

Strip harvesting (FUT)
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
Of these, the FUE method is superior and less painful. In the strip harvesting method, hair is removed in the form of a strip by creating an incision on the scalp. This leaves a scar but this method takes less time.

In the FUE method, individual hair follicles are removed and transplanted to its new site. Growth hormone is also released in the process. This is transferred to the new site where the hormone is not being produced. The introduction of the new growth hormone stimulates new hair to grow. So, after two weeks the transplanted hair will fall out. After 2-3 months, the growth hormone kicks in and new hair growth is generated.

Which method suits you is decided by the hair experts at the clinic. Following this, you can make a payment to begin the treatment process. Remember the hair transplant is only the last recourse and you should try the other methods first.

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