What really is super strength training if you're not equally engaging the mind with unique and super strength training techniques?
So many athletes I run into these days train their bodies feverishly with often outlandish techniques in the hope to push the level of their human physical peak performance into the realm that one might call "super human".
It's a fantasy of so many athletes and people in general to be a "super human" - to excel far beyond what we are. Perhaps it was spawned from so many childhood comic books, cartoons, movies, and video games. Perhaps it's just in our genetic code to want to be more -- to be exceptional and to stand out above the crowd.
Regardless, if we are truly to one day evolve beyond our human capacities into a "superhuman-realm", then why is it that the majority of athletes still train their bodies so relentlessly and yet routinely neglect to train their minds as aggressively with equal time and enthusiasm?
Call me weird, but even as a kid I always thought that my favorite superhuman characters would certainly have to be in possession of some sort of super brain capacity of some sort in order to do all the superhuman feats they did. 
How could all those super humans have so many amazing skills yet be devoid of a superior brain of some kind to make it all possible? 
Even though most of them supposedly acquired their strength from some sort of a nuclear reaction, chemical reaction, or having been born on another planet or solar system, I always thought that their brains would certainly function so differently from ours and that's why their bodies would respond so magnificently and far beyond our human capacities.
In the pursuit of developing superhuman strength, so many athletes push themselves into a spiraling vortex of diminishing returns called overtraining. 
Living with the ideal that "more is better" often leads so many to be oblivious that the soreness and stiffness they're trying to work through are actually their muscles, nerves, and body mechanisms trying to tell the brain that they need more time to heal properly before they can be pushed harder and further into developing super strength.
Using our will over some common sense doesn't equal superior intelligence.
Every human with a desire to become superhuman would do well to not only train their brains systematically and regularly to think more efficiently and creatively but to train it to actually acknowledge the signals of the body that are telling it to take time off from their super strength training. 
A super brain must have not only the ability to push the body harder but to listen to what the body is also telling it more intelligently. These are things that will help it heal faster and to become stronger in the shortest amount of time.
I think it would be wise for us to spend a lot more time allowing the body recover properly so it can come back supercharged for the next workout. And, what better time than during our recovery period away from the gym to learn better ways to bridge the vast powers of the mental realm with the precise language your body intuitively understands to aggressively change the ways you move and explode with muscular strength and speed?
Maybe it's just me, but it seems logical that a human who wants to become superhuman physically would also want to be developing a super human brain at the same time to go along with the tights and superior attributes.
If having super strength is your goal, then what a great idea to spend your recovery time away from the gym efficiently to learn new ways of thinking and new ways of powerfully fusing the mind to the body? 
How extraordinary if schools started seriously advocating super strength training for BOTH mind and body and teach students how the body and the mind working as one can really ignite our hidden capacities to truly be more than we ever thought possible?
Hmmm, maybe I have read too many comic books...what do you think?
To your strength and mastery,
Garin Bader

Author's Bio: 

Garin Bader is the creator of CoreForce Energy coreforceenergy.com, the unique super strength training system and mental focus accelerant that'll bridge the vast powers of the mental realm with the precise language your body intuitively understands to aggressively change the ways you move and explode with muscular strength and speed for peak performance.

Garin Bader is also a mixed martial artist, strength trainer, kettlebell instructor, award-winning pianist, master magician, author, illustrator, and sculptor. He has performed around the world from Carnegie Hall to the London Palladium, From Hollywood's famed Magic Castle to Las Vegas showrooms. His diverse background has given him unique insights into how all these skills interrelate and he reveals these secrets in his extraordinary CoreForce Energy DVD system, seminars, and private coaching sessions.